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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Problem with Fear in Forex Trading

When people start businesses up, they don't truly know where those businesses are going to stand in the future, because they can't tell the future. Small business owners don't know whether their new businesses are going to fail next year, or be hugely successful in a few years time. They might be ambitious and work extremely hard, but no business owner can be 100% sure of what the future will hold.

Forex trading is just like any other business. When starting out, you don't know whether you are going to end up drawing losses, or end up being highly and consistently profitable. This is a problem, because it causes people to hesitate. Aspiring Forex traders can dream big, because it's easy to dream and dreams don't cost anything to them. However, when money comes into play, some dreamers start to shy away.

If you are looking to start trading currencies, you need to embrace fear. It is a human emotion just like any other. Work with it, but don't let it pull you down and stop you from succeeding. Think about what you would do if you knew you wouldn't fail. Even if you end up failing, which you might well do with your first few trades, just make sure you learn from your mistakes and push forward. Just make sure that you persevere and continue to work hard.

Success is not easily achievable, which is why not many people are successful in the world, relative to the world's total population. The reason why the majority aren't hugely successful in developed countries at least, is the fact that they just can't bring themselves to take the risks and make the sacrifices necessary in order to achieve big success.

The problem with fear in Forex trading is that it prevents Forex traders from realizing their full potential. This doesn't mean you should ignore fear, apply lots of leverage to your trades and hope for the best. It means you should embrace fear, acknowledge it and simply act in your best interests. If you feel good about a particular trade, then place the order and let your stops stop you out when the time comes. You might make a loss or you might make profit. Whatever happens, just make sure you keep at it and place more and more trades, but only trades that you feel truly confident about. This doesn't mean place lots of trades in the same day though. Day trading generally isn't recommended for beginners, or even more experienced Forex traders, but ultimately do whatever you feel you need to do in order to reach your goals.

If you are consistently losing, then do some testing and go back to try again. Demo accounts are free to play with and even in the live markets, you aren't required to use leverage or even invest much money at all with each of your individual trades.

The most important thing of all to take away, is that you will never succeed if you never taken action. It is simple as that. If you want to make big money in the Forex market, then you need to stop letting fear prevent you from taking the actions you need to take, in order to make that big money.

In conclusion, fear should be embraced by Forex traders, rather than fought. Fear is a necessary human emotion, but you shouldn't let it prevent you from achieving your goals.

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