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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Best Automated Forex Trading System

Forex is used in daily trading of goods and exports. With globalization, money is transferred or exchanged into other currency for payment and receivables. Out of all the major player, there is 1 type of investment in forex that gain profit and this group of profiteers are forex trader. This is a similar class as a stock and share trader except the purchase is currency instead of the company shares.

Why Forex?

My main reason for writing this is to show the automated Forex trading. But before I touch on automation, I need to explain why Forex is chosen. Trading can be performed 24 hours a day (vs stocks which is 8 to 5 usually) and can perform sell trade. Most investment instruments can only buy first then sell. For Forex trading. It can do sell first then buy. Unlike many other stock exchange in the world, shares have to have a buyer and a seller then the shares can change hands. For Forex, since it is largely connects into a pool of currency demand and supply, you can almost instantly buy without having to wait for seller. Most important of all is that it wont bankrupt, reach zero value or translate into worthless paper. Because you are using currency to buy currency and that it self is the assets you be holding.

How to profit from Forex

Before automation is possible, likewise for stock trader, foreign exchange are traded manually by trader. Currency are buy and sell with human involvement. The price will raise and fall. The main aim is to profit by buying low and selling high. Basic mathematics applies. But with the turn of the century comes computing and programming, this change and evolve investment. This includes traders in the foreign exchange community.

Automated Passive Income

With automation of the trading strategy which execute trades for you according to your programs. Steams of passive income is made possible using MT4 trading platform. Expert advisor are program that run on your computer which trades for you automatically. You only need to setup a trading account and run your Expert Advisor program to enable passive income. Personally I have use it to achieve monthly income without having to look at trading chart all the time. But I still manual trade when I see some news that will leak to drastically drop in currency price.

Can this be sustainable in the long run?

Definitely you still need to monitor every now and then. Pick up those bad trades and add in new profitable strategy. Some trading strategies are especially profitable in trending market or sideways market. While others are reversal and martingale trading. And lately popular ones are scalping strategy. Be side monitoring your program, you need to keep in mind money management and margin call. Always keep enough capital for draw down (strategy maximum drawdown) and your margin required for trades (trading account leverage). As a recommendation always use 10% of your capital to buy and hold margin for your Forex trades.

I wrote many articles on the different strategy and have created many Expert Advisors using combination of different trading strategies. Refer to my website for more information. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Is Forex Trading For You?

Forex Trading involve a lot of risk and its not for anyone. Below is some risk discussed to make you ready for Forex Trading should you choose to accept. The first is that you will lose everything you put in.


If trader are telling you this that you don't need any money to trade Forex then they are not telling the truth! You need money to trade Forex but you can start off with small amount of capital. Some broker allows you to open mini account with as little as $500 or $250 to start with. Remember that you are buying at mini trade or micro trade which will give you $1 or $0.1 per pips. This is a good way to start live trading but will take a longer time for you to gain an adequate amount to sustain your expenses.

For starter, $1k on 0.1 lot trading is a good start where you earn about $1 per pip. Likewise your losses is also -$1 per pip. Trade, learn and increment your trade to 0.2 lots once your hit $2k or $3k and repeat this to grow your trade to 1 lot and more. For advance trader, good to start off with $10k on 1lot trading. If you are into automated Forex trading, you should start off with $10k and set a target of 1000 pips every month trading at 0.1 lot. If you calculated the margin, you may be able to load 3 EA that gives you 300 to 400 pips every month which will work out 1000pips or $1k every month.


In Forex trading, you need time to look at the chart and check your trading rules before you can execute a trade. There is buy stop and sell limit which lock I your trade and it will execute when the buy or sell price reached. But you still need plenty of time to go thru your chart and your trading rules. In some cases, the rules is forming but not yet ready and you need to wait for another bar or few more bars in order to start your trade. This will take you another hour or so depending on the charting time frame you are using. There time is required for trading if you are technical or fundamental.

There is another way which is automated Forex Trading. You don't spend time executing the trade or looking at chart with indicators. The strategy is all coded and run automatically on your MT4 trading platform. (MT4 is one of the popular forex trading platform). Instead you spend time looking at executed trades, trades summary and close trade profit/loss. The time spend is on analysis these close trades, re-enforcing winning strategy and re-organizing losing strategy. You see the time spend is now on closed trades rather then spending time to look for trades matching your rules. You will have more time to focus on strategy that works and refine these strategy that don't work.


There is risk and so there is fear of losing. No Forex trader will win every time. There bound to be wining and losing trades. The point is to overcome the fear of losing that is causing you to make repeated similar trades. Always look at statistic and trend. Forex trading is about repeating trades that make money, re-configure some of the trading rule along the way and consistent with money management. Fear has to be remove from every trade, instead forecast or estimated results should be anticipating in your feelings. Cast fear aside and trade without emotion. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to be a millionaire dollars using currency trading

What instrument allows you to have 100% return on investment every month? It cannot be stock and share as the return by Warrant Buffet, the world greatest investor are only 25% as best over annually rate of return. If you trade warrant or option with leverage, at most you can achieve is 25% rate of return monthly. But with forex trading at 200:1 or 500:1 leverage, it is not a dream to achieve 100% return monthly.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is the largest financial trading market and it opens 24 hours for 6 days a week, floating from 1 foreign exchange market to another round the world. It is recorded more then 3.5 Trillion worth of currency are traded daily. The use of leveraging enables trader to trade and earn up to 100% its capital sum within days.

Example of a trade

You start of with 1000 USD in a 500:1 leverage account. Related Coverage Currency Trading If you are a beginner to online currency trading, then you will have to do some research into what online currency trading is all about. Online currency trading is not gambling but you need to know what the investment is and how it works before you consider trading. Automated Currency Trading Currency Trading Training Course Most people are just starting to wonder just what exactly is the thing called about professional expert advisor trading forex automatically? With all the talks on forums pertaining to the software the...

Currency Trading Advice - Learn the Secrets of the Millionaire Traders For Huge FX Profits If you think that it's hard to learn to trade currencies, you should read this article because it outlines a famous story where a group of people were taught to trade in just 2 weeks and went on to make over 400 million dollars! Of course you may not make as much money as them but if you learn from them, you can enjoy currency trading success.

Currency Trading Formula Stocks, real estate or property dealings are not the only way to make money work for moneyBy playing full 100k contract Forex trading, every 1 lot you buy, you will need 200 USD to hold on as margin. Every pips will cost you $10 and if you gain 100 pips per trade, you would yield $1000 every day if you trade 1 lot with 100 pips profit per day. Every currency will range from hundreds of pips to thousand of pips every week. If you can gain 100 pips every month, you will get 100% return on investment every month. This is possible if you are consistent.

Getting 100% every month

If you are more conventional and not high risk, you can play forex trading using mini lot which in turn works out to $1 a pip and you will need 1000 pips every month. There are many strategies which gives you 200 pips average every month. You just need to choose 5 good strategies and run it for one year to achieve your earning one million dollars target. Always go with 5 or more strategy so you will still earn if anyone of the strategy is not profitable that month.

Profit1 1100 pips and loss 1000 pips

If you manage to earn 1100 pips monthly but loss 1000 pips that same month, with only 100 pips profit, using 100K contract, you will still earn $1000 every month which is 100% ROI. Being consistent for 12 months and you will earn 1 million dollars. This is taking into account your drawdown does not trigger margin call at all times. And your trading lot size increases once you reach 100% ROI capital. (1k = 1lot, 2k= 2lot, 4k= 4lot, 8k = 8lot and continues).

Forex trading is made easy nowadays with MT4 trading platform. This MT4 trading platform comes with a programming language for you to codes your winning strategy and a strategy tester for you to test. These codes are called Expert Advisor and there are many Expert Advisors out there that is giving you more then 100% ROI that you can choose. You can visit bestforexranking dot com for more information. source.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Leverage Is Important In Automated FX Trading

Leverage is powerful and very useful in Forex Trading. With 100:1 leverage you are effective using $1 to hold $100 dollars. With 500:1 leverage will enable you to hold $500 using $1. This is nothing new to finance industry but widely use for currency trading in order to use the dollar unit value of currency.

Leverage works with capital that funded the trade. The capital has to be in currency value or cash in order to attain the leverage holding. This is similar to derivative or contract for difference for stock and shares. Using cash to leverage is much more powerful then using physical asset as it is harder to dilute and cash it back. Therefore leverage are still use by currency trade with capital at 100:1 leverage. This determined the 1 lot size of 100k contract in forex trading. Related Coverage Best FX Automated System Forex is the most widely traded financial market around the world. Top bankers, exporters, government, investment firms and venture capital deals with foreign exchange or Forex at any point of time.

5 habits for successful automated fx trading Habits, successful, automated trading, fx trading, currency trading, forex trading, automated fx trading, automated forex trading, automated fx trading, trading Best Automated FX Trading System I would like you to know about the different automated trading strategies in Forex and which is the best automated trading system. Advantages Of Fx Trading Very few people realize the benefits of FX trading over normal investments in stock or otherwise. This is mainly due to a lot of misconceptions about forex as a whole. Forex is an excellent avenue for investments, and if you play it right, you could substantially increase upon your investments.(For mini lot is 0.1 lot of 100k contract).

1 lot actually holds 100k contract worth of currency. This is equivalent to $1k of capital used to hold $100k contract worth of currency. Since pip is used for currency movement, 100k for 1 pip movement will work out to $10 a pip. (10,000 pips actually gives 1 dollar but in leverage context is $100k contract).

For trading account, which give 200:1 or 500:1 leverage is different from the currency trading leverage. Please do not mix up both. The currency leverage is fixed at 100:1 for currency trading of 100k contract. Mini lot are executed at 0.1 lot or 0.01 lot. For trading account leverage which is 200:1 or 500:1, this will determine your margin required to hold in order to perform the 1 lot of 100k contract. Using 100:1, is $1k. Using 200:1 is $500 per lot. Using 500:1 is $200 per lot. This of course with higher leverage you actually can buy more lots. With a trading account leverage of 500:1, you can buy 5 lots at a total of 1k capital. Amazing use of leveraging.

No doubt leveraging enable you to buy more lots with higher leverage but the downsize is the drawdown and the pips loss still remains at per your trading lot of 100k contract. So most money management software will use mini lot at 0.1 lot or 0.01 lot to trade. ($1 and $0.1 per pips respectively). Therefore do not mix up these 2 leverage. One is the 100k contract leverage for currency buy and sell which is fixed at 100:1. The other is your trading account leverage which is provided by your Forex broker.

I end of this topic by comparing the trading in stock and shares. Without leverage you are buy 1 shares per 1 share price. Using leverage, you can buy 100 times more using the same capital. (assuming share price is same as currency price, and 1000 shares is equivalent to 1 USD per share.) Using 1k capital, you can but 1000 shares or buy 1 lot of 100k contract forex currency trade. Visit my website for more information. source.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Trading Psychology: Master Your Emotions and Anxiety

It often comes as a huge surprise for many people that more than 95 percent of the forex business owners lose money.

There are plenty of trading techniques which perform well but two forex traders using the same systems can get a completely different outcome. There are many workshops, courses; mentorships and more that can assist a lot of traders to make cash again and again. Even with all these, only some people succeed in forex trading. Do you know why? The answer is forex trading psychology. The fact is that no matter which technique you are using in your trading counts unless you control your physical feelings, remove trading anxiety and prevent silly trading mistakes.

Most of the losses are caused through irrational trading judgment made by those who should know better. Forex trading psychology describes why two traders with similar trading programs can get completely different results in forex trading. Controlling your emotions and mind may prove to be the really big challenge you meet as a trader and can make all the difference in your results.

To have good control of your forex trading, you should of course use a stop loss and probably a take profit as well. They let you keep in the trade without having to constantly monitor your screen. The more you stare at the trade the more it keeps playing in your mind.

Certain traders in the forex trading market use stop loss programs and take profit prices but still regularly go back to their trading screen to check how the trade is going, as if this part of the process will magically make the market do what you need.

What is the use of a stop loss when you are planning to view the trade constantly?

At the time you use the best high leverages you do posses the prospective of high profits but big losses also. It can ultimately drive you mad with fatigue and result in wrong trading judgments. Until you acquire a killer trading psychology, keep to small leverages. You should also restrict and limit your losses with a rigid stop loss policy - not shifting the stop loss "just in case".

When you do this you will understand that in bad situations, you will come out of the forex market with little loss. So you need not worry about the losses as with the right strategy and mindset they'll be far outweighed by the profits.

It is also good not to use a method or technique in which you are not totally confident.

Always use a reliable, proven and structured technique: you will become a calmer forex trader.

Do not ignore your forex trading psychology; always work with your mental fitness. It is important for your long term success in the forex market.

The effective way is to get begin in the forex market is to read, watch, learn and try the free demo accounts. The free trial accounts will deliver you all the information, support you, assist and give charts to get guidelines.

Watching to the everyday forex trading activities will assist you to set the best patterns and become careful of different situations. Even though all kinds of tools and methods are available, you should be able to control your emotions while trading in the forex market. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Monday, 25 June 2012

How to Make Money Currency Trading

You will find so many resources out there, both online and offline to start your research on trading and making money, I couldn't list them all here. You can find seminars, articles, workshops, instructional videos, and books on the topic of how to create money currency trading.

If you decide to opt for a broker, it's wise to consider all the various brokers' systems open to you before making your choice.

A well designed trading system will lower your work dramatically. This in turn gives you time to pay attention to studying the market and plotting your strategy.

If you are like me however, there never seems to be enough time within the day between my family obligations and work to set up the serious study it takes to master the foreign exchange market.

It is a pretty steep learning curve, and it may be pretty daunting at first for someone just learning how you can trade.

There is one more way to earn money currency trading. It's probably the best bet for novices and those of us who are pressed with regard to time. The process is an auto-trading system, generally called a Forex trading program.

There are many of these Forex Robots available, but they aren't all created equal. Many of these so called automated systems are simply scams.

In my last article, we took a glance at the potential profitability of trading with a Forex trading program. We also discussed that that there are many Forex Robots which are downright scams. In other words, all Forex Robots aren't created equal.

I recently had a friend call me who was simply trading on the currency market for some period, and was making some pretty good money trading Forex the standard way. He excitedly told me that he had recently found a Forex trading program that was recommended by a fellow trader.

He continued to tell me that although he was skeptical of those automated Forex Robot systems, and believed like I did that many of them were scams, he decided to give it an attempt. The results were nothing short of phenomenal.

After setting the machine up, he invested $ 350. 00 I also tried it and found how the robot was choosing about 95. 5% winners and I too a lot more than doubled my money.

Before you invest in some of theses products however, make sure you find out what the risk/reward profile is with the trading software you are considering.

As an example, some of these software products include risk/reward ratios of 2: 1, while some even have a risk/reward ratio up to 35: 1. These ratios are not acceptable, and you have to look elsewhere, otherwise you'll lose all your buying and selling funds pretty quickly.

Any automated trading software that accompany more than a 1: 1 risk should be avoided such as the plague.

I want to emphasize that there are great Forex expert advisors and trading Robots that may make you good money, but you need to understand how to recognize them.

It has been conclusively proven that automated items which adopt strict and professionally set guidelines and that will never allow you greater than a 1: 1 run, reduce the risk of wrecking your trading account.

Did you know that you will find average people out there making between $3500. 00 in order to $4000. 00 per month trading in the Currency markets? How are they doing it? Find out how a powerful and "smart" Forex Robot is creating life-changing incomes for most people who have never traded the Currency market prior to. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Compare current exchange rates and bank rates to send money abroad online

Sending money abroad can be a risky or daunting affair if you do not opt for credible sources.  Unprincipled merchants charged high fees and some dishonest agents seal your money as well. Internet is the best way to do transactions securely and conveniently. This is the reliable source through which you can send money overseas without ant any hitch or frauds. With assistance of internet it is now easy to send money anywhere in the world. Use prepaid debit card to transfer money, the easiest way. There are various websites available that provide a perfect platform to compare exchange and bank rates for a smart overseas money transaction. Therefore, searching through online is the best and convenient way.

This is one of the leading websites for finding the best deals on money transfer rates. Comparison website is best way to send money to countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Australia, USA, Italy, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and various other countries. Related Coverage Compare International Exchange Rates Foreign exchange rates are constantly fluctuating on a daily basis affecting business transactions negatively or positively, depending on the changes in foreign exchange rates.

Compare Foreign Currency Exchange Rates before Travel Abroad It's a widespread trend for people to look at foreign exchange only when they are referring to money used on holidays overseas or in tourism. Currency exchange covers dealings in the form of traveler’s checks and credit cards. Transfer Money Abroad After Currency Exchange Comparison An exchange rate is defined as the value of one currency in terms of another. A rate can be quoted as spot rates, which is the current exchange rate, or forward rates, which are a price quoted today for delivery at a future date.

Foreign Currency Rates Are Vital When Sending Money Abroad Foreign currency rates are most crucial to be considered as it fluctuates every second and can reflect as profit or loss when sending money abroad.Moreover, you can find the good international exchange rates in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, and Middle East. They have years of experience and assure you to provide maximum customer satisfaction. With assistance of this website you can compare exchange rates, bank rates, money transfer, and much more.

You can get reliable information of current exchange rates extremely important when looking to send money abroad online. This is one of the easiest ways to save money and getting the best exchange rate. You can compare exchange rates online effectively. They employ a team of well trained and highly skilled brokers. Their FX brokers help you to find the best deals on the foreign exchange. Experts have extreme knowledge of currency exchange as well as currency markets. If you are working abroad and would like to send money through credible reliable source, then they are perfect option to go with.

You can send money overseas by comparing the best bank rates with their instant compare rates services. Therefore, transfer money anywhere in the world with assistance of regular payment abroad services.  Their foreign exchange broker organize your regular international money transfers that includes foreign mortgage payments, International pension transfers, paying school fees and various other payment requirements. These competitive comparison websites are the cheapest way to send money home. You can save a substantial amount of money by using exchange rates comparison website. Apart from that, you can enhance your online transaction experience. They provide you the best deal on international money transfers. The unbiased reviews and rates on current exchange rates and bank rates can cater all your specific needs and requirements. source.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hоw Tо Start Trading Thе Forex Market? (Part 5)

Wh?t ?r? PIPS?

Currencies ?r? traded ?n ? price/ point (pip) system. E??h currency pair h?? ?t? ?wn pip value.

Wh?n ??u ??? ? FOREX price quote, you'll ??? ??m?th?ng listed l?k? this: EUR/USD 1.2210/13.


a) If ??u w?nt t? BUY th? EUR/USD ( meaning ??u BUY EUROS ?nd SELL US$ ) ??u buy 100,000 EUROS ?nd ??u SELL 122,130 US$, ?r ?n ?th?r words ??u receive 122,130 US$ f?r 100,000 EUROS.

B) If ??u w?nt t? SELL th? EUR/USD (meaning ??u SELL EUROS ?nd BUY US$) ??u buy 122,100 US$ ?nd sell 100,000 EUROS, ?r ?n ?th?r words ??u receive 100,000 EUROS f?r 122,100 US$.

Th? difference b?tw??n th? bid ?nd th? ??k price ?? referred t? ?? th? spread. In th? ?x?m?l? above, th? spread ?? 3 ?r 3 pips.

S?n?? th? US dollar ?? th? centerpiece ?f th? FOREX market, ?t ?? n?rm?ll? considered th? 'base' currency f?r quotes. In th? "Majors", th?? includes USD/JPY, USD/CHF ?nd USD/CAD. F?r th??? currencies ?nd m?n? others, quotes ?r? expressed ?? ? unit ?f $1 USD ??r th? ????nd currency quoted ?n th? pair.

F?r ?x?m?l? ? quote ?f USD/CHF 1.3000 means th?t fore ?n? U.S. dollar ??u receive 1.30 Swiss Francs. ?r ?n ?th?r words, ??u receive 1.30 Swiss Franc f?r ???h 1 US$.

Wh?n th? U.S. dollar ?? th? base unit ?nd ? currency quote g??? up, ?t means th? dollar h?? appreciated ?n v?lu? ?nd th? ?th?r currency h?? weakened. If th? USD/CHF quote ?b?v? increases t? 1.3050 th? dollar ?? stronger b???u?? ?t w?ll n?w buy m?r? Swiss Franc th?n before.

Th? thr?? exceptions t? th?? rule ?r? th? British pound (GBP), th? Australian dollar (AUD) ?nd th? Euro (EUR). In th??? cases, ??u m?ght ??? ? quote ?u?h ?? EUR/USD 1.2080, meaning th?t f?r EURO ??u receive 1.2080 U.S. Dollars.

In th??? thr?? currency pairs, wh?r? th? U.S. dollar ?? n?t th? base rate, ? rising quote means ? weakening dollar, ?? ?t n?w takes m?r? U.S. dollars t? equal ?n? Euro, British pound ?r ?n Australian dollar.

In ?th?r words, ?f ? currency quote g??? higher, th?t increases th? v?lu? ?f th? base currency. A l?w?r quote means th? base currency ?? weakening.

Currency pairs th?t d? n?t involve th? U.S. dollar ?r? called cross currencies, but th? calculation ?? th? same. F?r example, ? quote ?f EUR/JPY 134.50 signifies th?t ?n? Euro ?? equal t? 134.50 Japanese yen.

HOW TO BUY (g??ng LONG)and SELL (g??ng SHORT) ?n th? FOREX Market?

K??? ?n mind 2 v?r? important rules:

RULE #1) Cut ??ur LOOSING trades ?nd l?t ??ur WINNING trades RUN

YOU WILL HAVE LOSING TRADES. Ev?r? FOREX trader has. Th? secret is, th?t ? consistent, disciplined trader, ?t th? ?nd ?f th? day, adds u? m?r? winning trades th?n losing trades.

Wh?n ??u ?nd ??? ?n ??ur charts, w?th?ut ?n? doubt, th?t ??u ?r? ?n ? losing trade, don't k??? losing money. M??t ?f th? novice traders ?r? lowering th??r stop loss ?u?t t? prove th?? ?r? r?ght ?r hoping th?t th? market w?ll reverse . 99% ?f th??? trades, ?r? ?nd?ng u? w?th m?r? losses. M??t ?f th? profitable trades ?r? u?u?ll? "right" immediately.

Remember, smart traders kn?w th?r? ?r? m?n? ?th?r opportunities. CUT ??ur losses short ?nd compound th??? winning positions.

RULE 2) NEVER EVER trade FOREX w?th?ut placing ? Stop Loss Order.

PLACE ? STOP order, r?ght ?l?ng w?th ??ur ENTRY order, v?? ??ur online trading station, t? prevent potential losses.

B?f?r? initiating ?n? trade, ??u h?v? t? calculate ?t wh?t point ( price) ??u w?uld b? wrong, b???u?? th? market changed direction, ?nd w?uld w?nt t? cut ??ur losses.

T? m?k? profits, ?n th? FOREX, ? trader ??n enter th? market w?th ? *buy position* (known ?? g??ng "long") ?r ? *sell position* (known ?? g??ng "short").

A? ?n ?x?m?l? let's assume you've b??n studying th? EURO. Th? EURO ?? paired f?r?t w?th th? U.S. dollar ?r USD.

Y?ur trading methods, rules, strategies, etc., t?ll ??u th?t th? EURO w?ll rice ?n th? n?xt 2 weeks, S? ??u buy th? EUR/USD pair meaning ??u w?ll simultaneously buy EUROS, ?nd SELL dollars).

Y?u open u? ??ur excellent trading station software (provided t? ??u f?r free b? Fenix Capital Management, LLC ) ?nd ??u ??? th?t th? EUR/USD pair ?? trading at: EUR/USD: 1.2010/1.2013.

A? ??u ??u b?l??v? th?t th? market price f?r th? EUR/USD pair w?ll g? higher, ??u w?ll enter ? 'buy position' ?n th? market.

A? ?n example, l?t? ??? ??u bought ?n? lot EUR/USD ?t 1.2013. A? long ?? ??u sell b??k th? pair ?t ? higher price, th?n ??u m?k? money.

T? illustrate ? typical FX SELL trade, ??n??d?r th?? scenario involving th? USD/JPY currency pair:

REMEMBER Selling ("going short") th? currency pair implies selling th? first, base currency, ?nd buying th? second, quote currency. Y?u sell th? currency pair ?f ??u b?l??v? th? base currency (USD) w?ll g? d?wn relative t? th? quote currency (JPY), ?r equivalently, th?t th? quote currency (JPY) w?ll g? u? relative t? th? base currency (USD).


Th? Profit Calculations, ?n th? Short-sell trade scenario below, m?? ???m ??m?wh?t complicated ?f you've n?v?r b??n ?n th? FOREX market before, but th?? process ?? continually calculated thr?ugh ??ur broker trade station (software). I show ??u th?? process b?l?w ?? ??u ??n SEE h?w ? PROFIT m?ght occur.

Th? current bid/ask price f?r USD/JPY ?? 107.50/107.54, meaning ??u ??n buy $1 US f?r 107.54 YEN, ?r sell $1 US f?r 107.50 YEN.

Suppose ??u th?nk th?t th? US Dollar (USD) ?? overvalued ?g??n?t th? YEN (JPY). T? execute th?? strategy, ??u w?uld sell Dollars (simultaneously buying YEN), ?nd th?n wait f?r th? exchange rate t? rise.

Y?ur trade w?uld b? th? following: ??u sell 1 lot USD (US $100,000) ?nd ??u buy 1 lot JPY (10,754.000 YEN). (Remember, ?t 0.25 % margin, ??ur initial margin deposit f?r th?? trade w?uld b? $250.)

A? ??u expected, USD/JPY falls t? 106.50/106.54, meaning ??u ??n n?w buy $1 US f?r $106.54 Japanese YEN ?r sell $1 US f?r 106.50.

S?n?? you're short dollars (and ?r? long YEN), ??u mu?t n?w buy dollars ?nd sell b??k th? YEN t? realize ?n? profit.

Y?u buy US $100,000 ?t th? current USD/JPY rate ?f 106.54, ?nd receive 10,654,000 YEN. S?n?? ??u originally bought (paid for) 10,754,000 YEN, ??ur profit ?? 100,000 YEN.

T? calculate ??ur P&L ?n terms ?f US dollars, divide 100,000 b? th? current USD/JPY rate ?f 106.54. Total profit = US $938.61. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Friday, 22 June 2012

A Brief Introduction to Foreign Exchange Market

Currencies today can be defined as financial units of countries with indication of a certain type (gold, silver, paper) or economic units of a country which include payment and credit papers expressed in economic units and usable for international accounts in the form of cheques, bank statements, etc.

Currency market more popularly known as forex is the market, where all business done by its members is to trade some type of currency. Banks, multinational companies, brokerage firms and individual trader exchange a fixed amount of one currency for a fixed amount of another currency.

The forex market follows the rule of demand and supply and has two basic types of operations: buy and sell. The forex market is highly diversified and spread all over the world. It functions in the form of open market operations. Related Coverage A Brief Introduction About Foreign Exchange Trading Foreign exchange trading can be a profitable venture. Many investors opt to diversify their investment by investing some money in stocks and bonds, and some money in the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange trading involves changing money from one currency to another on the Forex market.

Foreign Exchange Blessed are those which can be experts in forextrading. They know all the nuances of the money market and play with their money so as to maximise their profits. However the population of these individuals is moderately less. The bulk of folks who take pleasure in forextrading undergo foreign exchange brokers who are thought of the consultants on this field. Foreign Exchange Earning profits within the currency trading market is a piece of cake for somebody while others find it extremely tough to manage.

The reply for this is quite simple. Most individuals are lured by the large amount of cash that changes hands in this marketplace. Foreign Exchange Forex trading, as we all know, entails trading in the currency market place. The foreign exchange or the FX market is a strange place. While it makes some, it also breaks some. Hence, it is all the time good to be prudent when buying and selling in foreign exchange.No single person or company is capable of manipulating pricing through targeted buying or selling on the foreign exchange market because of the sheer magnitude of the volume of trading which exceeds $4 trillion every day.

All currencies are assigned a unique International Standards Organization (ISO 4217) code abbreviation to avoid confusion between currencies of different countries with similar sounding names. In currency trading, these codes are used to identify the currencies that make up a currency pair. For example, USD is the code for the US dollar, and JPY is the code for the Japanese Yen. For instance, the three-letter code for US dollar uses the ISO 3166-1 country code for the first two letters and the first letter of the name of the currency (D for dollar, in this example) as the third letter therefore United States currency, is referred to as USD worldwide.

The currency market has some primary currencies and majority of exchanges consist of pairs involving just these eight currencies:

USD (The U.S. dollar) - Most preferred currency of the Forex market, also called the buck, the greenback, the dolly.EUR (The Euro) - Currency for the European Union countries, second most preferred currency.GBP (Great Britain Pounds) - England’s national currency, also called the sterling, pound, and cable.CHF (The Swiss franc)JPY (The Japanese yen)AUD (The Australian dollar)?AD(The Canadian dollar)NZD (The New Zealand dollar)Some more Forex jargons:

A long position stands for buying a currency.A short position stands for selling a currency.Opening a position implies entering a new trade for a currency for both long and short positions.Closing a position implies buying or selling your holdings in a currency for reducing an open position to zero.Trades that do not involve US dollars are referred to as cross-rate trades.The largest currency exchanges are in London, New York and Tokyo. Foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world .The volume of daily transactions makes it the most liquid and rapidly growing international market. source.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Things to Follow While Buying Iraqi Dinar

No doubt Iraqi dinar is quite popular currency these days. But there are many things which are important to keep in mind prior to invest in Iraqi dinar. These are as follows:

First of all you should know the difference of old and new Iraqi dinar currency notes. Old Iraqi dinar currency notes are bearing the image of Saddam Hussein and New Iraqi dinar currency notes are bearing the image of history, tradition and famous personalities of Iraq. New Iraqi dinar currency notes are available in six denominations and each denomination is equipped with latest security features. And no one can use this currency as fake currency. So you should take into consideration the difference of currency.Secondly, you should know that this currency is not profiteering currency you should take into consideration profit and loss both ideas in your mind.

Related Coverage How to Buy Iraqi Dinar Online and 25000 Iraqi Dinar In this article we will get to know how to buy Iraqi Dinar Online and 25000 Iraqi Dinar. Check the anti-counterfeit features while buying 25000 Iraqi dinar 25000 Iraqi dinar is the highest denomination dinar note available. The note comes with some anti-counterfeit features, so that you can be saved from fraud and other illegal practices. Buy New Iraqi Dinar When buying and selling Iraqi Dinar online, the most important thing is which company can you trust? There are several overnight companies that sell dinar. What sets our company apart is that we’ve been selling dinar since day one Is Your Online Iraqi Dinar Dealer Registered? Buying dinars has become very common in recent times.

With the popularity of this investment option, there are several ways to buy Iraqi dinar online have come into existence. There are a lot of online Iraqi dinar dealer available, to choose one from which, you must remain careful to avoid scam issues.Every business has profit as well as loss. And you should also keep in mind that one thing and that is the time of revaluation. No one knows that when Iraqi dinar revaluation takes place, so it may take month or may take a years and no one clearly knows about the revaluation of Iraqi dinar. So you should be very clear about this investment and you should keep in patience about this investment and that’s the reason this investment is also known as retirement investment.

At number third, you should take into consideration that to who you are dealing I mean to say the dealer with which you are dealing. Iraqi dinar investment is the very best investment but it is best only if dealer is selected for its investment. Always ask the dealer about authentication and his authentication is known by knowing its certification from better business bureau and US treasury department. If the dealers are certified from these two departments then think that dealer is authorized and dealer will offer you with the best services and new Iraqi dinar currency notes.

If you belong to other state then always keep in mind one thing while buying Iraqi dinar and that is always buy the big Iraqi dinar denomination because it will be less in weight and on large denominations, the  FED will also be less. And buying the large denominations from the dealer is the best options. And it will double up your profit.

We hope this article will help you to make decision about Iraqi dinar investment and the purpose of mentioning the guidelines above is just to keep aware from the present scenario of Iraqi dinar. No doubt Iraqi dinar is very hot investment and it will give thousands of people lot of benefits in the shape of doubling up their monies. And again one thing that you should not leave is the patience. You should be confident that Iraqi dinar investment will give you heavy rate of return on investment. So keep waiting and stay with us for latest news and updates. source.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Forex Trading Introduction Tutorial

The Forex currency market is a non-centralized exchange where banks, businesses, governments, investors and traders can trade currencies with one another. By "non-centralized" I mean there is no actual physical centralized exchange like the New York Stock Exchange or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Instead, trading is conducted "over the counter", which basically just means it's done without the aid of a central or physical exchange. The Forex currency market is also referred to as the ‘Fx market', the ‘Currency market', the ‘Foreign exchange currency', or simply as Forex.

What is Forex Trading?

FOREX trading involves trading currencies from different countries against each other. Essentially, you are speculating on the direction of the price of one currency relative to another currency. For example, if you think the British pound is going to rise against the U.S. dollar, you would buy the GBP/USD currency pair. When you buy the GBP/USD, you are selling U.S. dollars and buying British pounds at the same time, if the British pound strengthens relative to the U.S. dollar it will make the GBP/USD pair go up and you would make a profit. If you bought the U.S. dollar against the British pound, and the GBP/USD went up still, you would lose money because the dollars you bought lost value relative to the pound.

As FOREX traders, we can learn to trade the Forex market by learning an effective trading strategy to spot high-probability entries into the market. This gives us an "edge" to trade the market with that we can profit from if we let it play out over a large series of trades. There are other reasons that people would make transactions in the Forex market too, such as to exchange currency to that of a different country while traveling. Banks and businesses also frequently use the Foreign exchange currency market to facilitate international business, and governments use it to regulate the strength of their currency relative to that of another country.

Forex Market Hours

The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week. The heaviest trading centers are located in London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney. One of the great things about forex trading is that the market is open from about 5pm local time on Sunday to about 4:30pm local time on Friday; you can trade whenever you want during these hours. This means more opportunities and more flexibility with your daily schedule.

How can YOU participate in the Forex market?

You are probably reading this article because you are interested in retail FOREX trading; this means you are looking to profit by buying and selling currencies in the Forex market. You will need to first learn an effective trading strategy; this will provide you with your edge, which you will then use to spot high-probability entries into the market. You will then need to create a Forextrading plan around your chosen strategy; this will give you a guide to follow so that you don't end up gambling and trading emotionally. There's a lot more to becoming a successful trader than that, but you have a good idea now of how to get started. Also, remember that risk management in forex trading is key; never risk more than you are prepared to lose per trade. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Suggestions before buying Iraq money

Though it seems lucrative to make an investment in Dinar but needs to remember all sorts of the safety measures. When a person thinks to buy Iraq money as he needs to trust the dealer from whom he is purchasing the currency and also it becomes important to see if the currency is real and not duplicate. Therefore, it becomes important for the person to take precautionary measures before he opts to purchase Iraqi currency.

When a person thinks to buy Iraq money, it is important to take into consideration numerous factors. If anyone is looking into the web, he will find not to purchase the Iraqi currency. Many individuals are found giving advices not to purchase the Iraq money as they have a gut feeling that the country would be participating in a civil war and moreover, constant news of violence in the nation. However, the situations in Iraq have improved with the passage of time and no harm is there in purchasing the Iraqi currency. Related Coverage Buy Iraq money from an authentic dealer to avoid fraud Buying foreign currency for investments has chances of giving high returns if they are properly planned.

It is always safe to buy Iraq money from a trusted and reliable online dinar dealer. Iraq dinar a way to earn big Buying Iraq money is a profitable business. But the thing is you have to be alert enough while exchanging the currency. Doing proper market research is a great help if you genuinely want to crack profitable deals. Information Regarding Buying Foreign Currency and Buy Iraq Money Read this article to get informed about Buying Foreign Currency and Buy Iraq Money and whether these deals can help you earn profit or not. Facts about Buy Iraq Money and Iraqi Dinar Dealer This article will help us know some facts about Buy Iraq Money and Iraqi Dinar Dealer.

Again, if Iraq replaces its existing currency with a new one then, it w ill be a problem for the person interested to buy the Iraqi currency. But, such situations will not occur hopefully as the new Dinar possesses a great caliber along with the safety measures. Moreover, the administration will have to make huge expenses to get a new currency. So, a person can buy the Iraqi currency but wisely.

To buy Iraq money, a person needs to select a right Iraqi dealer. This is important as the dealer is the best person to guide the person so that he is able to earn huge returns on his investment. Some factors need to be considered when the person is selecting an Iraqi dealer:-

The Iraqi dealer must be registered with the Better Business Bureau as well as the US Treasury Department. And, the dealers being given authentication possess no objection to show proof of their registration as well as other information about their reputation.It must be checked if the brokerage company is limited liability one or not. It indicates that the firm is a registered entity as well as a legal one.The person must see from how long the Iraqi dealer and his firm are into the business.It is essential to ask the Iraqi dealer regarding their methods to check the authenticity of the currency. source.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Making Use of Forex Business to Increase Earnings

The lure of making good amount of money has brought people into the doorsteps of forex business so that they can have an extra income just by sitting at home. It will only require a computer and internet connection to carry on the process where forex market and its knowledge would be required to bring on more trade. There are plenty of opportunities in the forex market itself to get good returns by investing in the foreign currency exchange.

But besides that, there are other sources which can get people money from the foreign currency exchange market. A new system of online promotion is being presented these days and it is known as forex affiliate. This means that another website carries on the promotional work of the forex platform on behalf of the platform so that more people know about it and the different tools and indicators that are being provided by the platform.

For carrying out the affiliate work, people only require the computer and internet and should have a website of their own, so that they can carry on the work of online promotion. Idea about forex, internet marketing, website promotion, and such things are also an additional benefit because it will be essential when people are promoting a particular product. In such a forex business, people who have their websites are their own business owners. This means that they will be taking up the project from a particular forex company and then carrying on their work of promoting the platform and its related products.

This is a very easy work and the money is good because for every customer that the affiliate site provides to the platform, or for every sale of an indicator or tool, they get commission which is quite handsome in the present day scenario. People are only required to carry out the promotional activities and do not have to indulge in anything else. With more and more such offers, it is a pretty good chance for those interested in such a forex business to make a huge amount of money. With the right promotional activities and proper approach to marketing through the affiliate sites, the money can flow in good amount.

People might require the knowledge of search engine optimisation or such knowledge which will increase the visibility of their sites among the target audience. This is something that can be done easily by people as they wouldn't have to do much for being a successful forex affiliate. It is being seen as a potential way to earn money with minimum amount of investment and even time, if one is proficient in making websites. A little time and use of smartness can take the forex business to great heights and is prospective for the future because in the coming years, the forex market is going to get further popularised. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Call and put options in online trading scenario

Option trading is best scheme to earn through money invested in stock market, it brings profits without doubt, and we can earn big by means of call and put options which are described as the tools work with options trading. Call option is better known as buying option, while prediction has been made on stocks by investors, there will be a time at which stock will reach higher striking price and that is the ideal time to use call option. If you are using call option that means stock you own will be purchased and will be in your account to sell at bigger price then it was purchased. If you want to earn from stock market without any loss, then first of all understand call and put options.

Call option gives you right to purchase the underlying stock before expiry time, you don't have to use call option when stock is shifting towards a low value then the starting point. Investors will sell call option when the stock is reaching a low value compared to start. For investors it is a golden glove that will make big money. If you want to find ways for better money management always get involved in strategy plans developed by trade persons. While putting the money on stocks you should make the decision according to analysis, best technique to get familiar with the stock is by looking at the past records, if you can get the complete information related to stock then nothing can stop from earning money from that stock.

Options trading are highly popular scheme of earning these days, just because it is quite different from the traditional trading methods. Forex and all stock market trading scenarios have complex phenomenon while options trading is simplest method. Some kind of help provided by options to make it a big deal in stocks, if you understood everything before investing, then no matter how much money putted on stocks, there will be definite profit.

You don't have to buy stocks while bidding on them; it is the simple form in which you can put money on the shift of stocks towards a definite value in pre defined time interval. It does not take much time to reach a value lower or higher then the initial one, the end of deal will be announced at closing time, and money will be transferred in your online trading account after calculating the profit you gained on that day.

For investors it is convenient to buy or sell options after looking at their stock values, there is no issue of waiting for years to reach a definite value for selling or buying, it is a pre defined period of time for which we have to keep an eye on stock market. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

US dollar impacts Trader’s investment in stock market

Traders are confused after having poor performance of Indian rupee. It decreases FII(foreign institutional investors) and DII(domestic institutional investors). US dollar always has demands among traders but USD creates tensions due to exchange in terms of INR. More USD exchange rates require more INR. It creates climate where every traders thinks what will be next move of stock market. Traders can’t easily decide what should be hedge funds due to vulnerable pace of stock market. News, rumors, global market updates decide market trend, and example S&P has decreased India’s credit rating due to poor performance of Indian economy. This news demoralized domestic investors and foreign investors. Traders think that there is scarcity of money, there will not be buyers and sellers.

US dollar is global currency for import and export. Related Coverage The U.S. Dollar's Impact on Price Action in the S&P 500, Gold, & Oil Assuming the U.S. Dollar breaks down, we should see the S&P 500, precious metals, and oil continue to work higher. My eyes are going to be watching the U.S. Dollar Index closely in coming days/weeks. If a breakdown transpires, the potential upside in precious metals and oil could be intense. Ultimately, I remain slightly bullish on stocks and extremely bullish on oil and precious metals. However, my entire thesis could change if the U.S. Dollar Index starts to firm up and begins to work higher. U.S. Stocks Pare Gains U.S. stocks retreated from early gains Monday as traders eyed this week’s election results and Fed meeting.

The stock markets were mixed with the Dow Jones and the Standard& Poor index gaining and the Nasdaq declining. U.S. stocks extended climb U.S. markets posted a narrow gain on Friday, bumping higher to weekly modest gains as tech companies’ earning boosted sentiment. However, investors still worried about the economic data. Forex - U.S Dollar Equals Canadian Dollar Tourists from the United States suffer long enjoyed trips to Canada in search of vacation and shopping bargains. Recently, however, the Canadian buck has stirred to parity adjacent to the U.S. Buck threatening to take by surprise it in cherish. Fueled by the strength in the freight souk such as uranium and lubricate, the loonie, as the Canadian buck is tenderly called, instantly commands novel respect. What does this mean on behalf of U.S. Traders in the foreign switch over (FOREX) souk?

Importers generally hedge their risk by purchasing American currency against Indian rupee and exporters hedge their risk by selling dollar against INR. If it hikes then importer has to give more INR and exporter will get less $. It means, high dollar has positive as well as negative impacts on economy. But high USD always has negative correlation with traders who expect bullish market.  It has inverse relation with Nifty and Sensex. Whenever it hikes, Nifty goes down. It affects fifty stocks of Nifty, therefore traders get demoralized to invest money and sometimes they refuse trading. At present, market has unpredictable situation like sideways, up, down. Nobody can predict what will be market trend; it’s a pathetic situation for traders. NSE- indices represent different stocks and size of the company. Those firms have direct profit relation with external value of Indian rupees which have export and import business. Mostly reactions are reflected from IT, technology, knowledge based sectors due fluctuations in US dollar exchange rates.

Main issue with dollar ($) it behaves like an intermediary due to three way transactions in international transfer mechanisms. Our govt. pays US dollar for crude oil. When it is appreciated then we pay more rupees. Foreign education loans also get expensive.  Import of machinery, crude, weapons, air craft are decided by global USD exchange rates. But those are received their remittances by foreign currency, they enjoy its hiking.

Forward currency market was used for hedging exchange rate risk in customized way. But MCX-SX is playing a role of legal place where trading of currency like USD, EUR, JPY, GBP against INR is possible without any counterparty risk. Forex trading is only way of security against exchange rate’s negative impacts on trader’s investment decision. It is allowed trading in currency future. Stock market is a place where traders lose as well as win; same concept applies on other currencies if global currency appreciates then domestic automatically devaluates. source.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hоw Tо Start Trading Thе Forex Market?


Th? Foreign Exchange market (also referred t? ?? th? Forex ?r FX market) ?? th? largest financial market ?n th? world, w?th ?v?r $1.5 trillion changing hands ?v?r? day.

Th?t ?? larger th?n ?ll US equity ?nd Treasury markets combined!

Unl?k? ?th?r financial markets th?t operate ?t ? centralized location (i.e. stock exchange), th? worldwide Forex market h?? n? central location. It ?? ? global electronic network ?f banks, financial institutions ?nd individual traders, ?ll involved ?n th? buying ?nd selling ?f national currencies. An?th?r major feature ?f th? Forex market ?? th?t ?t operates 24 hours ? day, ??rr????nd?ng t? th? opening ?nd closing ?f financial centers ?n countries ?ll ??r??? th? world, starting ???h day ?n Sydney, th?n Tokyo, London ?nd N?w York. At ?n? time, ?n ?n? location, th?r? ?r? buyers ?nd sellers, making th? Forex market th? m??t liquid market ?n th? world.

Traditionally, access t? th? Forex market h?? b??n m?d? ?v??l?bl? ?nl? t? banks ?nd ?th?r large financial institutions. W?th advances ?n technology ?v?r th? years, however, th? Forex market ?? n?w ?v??l?bl? t? everybody, fr?m banks t? money managers t? individual traders trading retail accounts. Th? time t? g?t involved ?n th?? exciting, global market h?? n?v?r b??n b?tt?r th?n now. Open ?n account ?nd b???m? ?n active player ?n th? largest market ?n th? planet.

Th? Forex Market ?? v?r? d?ff?r?nt th?n trading currencies ?n th? futures market, ?nd ? lot easier, th?n trading stocks ?r commodities.

Wh?th?r ??u ?r? aware ?f ?t ?r not, ??u ?lr??d? play ? role ?n th? Forex market. Th? simple fact th?t ??u h?v? money ?n ??ur pocket m?k?? ??u ?n investor ?n currency, ??rt??ul?rl? ?n th? US Dollar. B? holding US Dollars, ??u h?v? elected n?t t? hold th? currencies ?f ?th?r nations. Y?ur purchases ?f stocks, bonds ?r ?th?r investments, ?l?ng w?th money deposited ?n ??ur bank account, represent investments th?t rely heavily ?n th? integrity ?f th? v?lu? ?f th??r denominated currency th? US Dollar. Due t? th? changing v?lu? ?f th? US Dollar ?nd th? resulting fluctuations ?n exchange rates, ??ur investments m?? change ?n value, affecting ??ur ?v?r?ll financial status. W?th th?? ?n mind, ?t ?h?uld b? n? surprise th?t m?n? investors h?v? t?k?n advantage ?f th? fluctuation ?n Exchange Rates, u??ng th? volatility ?f th? Foreign Exchange market ?? ? w?? t? increase th??r capital.

Example: suppose ??u h?d $1000 ?nd bought Euros wh?n th? exchange rate w?? 1.50 Euros t? th? dollar. Y?u w?uld th?n h?v? 1500 Euros. If th? v?lu? ?f Euros ?g??n?t th? US dollar increased th?n ??u w?uld sell (exchange) ??ur Euros f?r dollars ?nd h?v? m?r? dollars th?n ??u started with.


Y?u m?ght ??? th? following:

EUR/USD l??t trade 1.5000 means On? Euro ?? worth $1.50 US dollars.

Th? f?r?t currency (in th?? example, th? EURO) ?? referred t? ?? th? base currency ?nd th? ????nd (/USD) ?? th? counter ?r quote currency.

Th? FOREX plays ? vital role ?n th? world economy ?nd th?r? w?ll ?lw??? b? ? tremendous n??d f?r th? exchange ?f currencies. International trade increases ?? technology ?nd communication increases. A? long ?? th?r? ?? international trade, th?r? w?ll b? ? FOREX market. Th? FX market h?? t? exist ?? ? country l?k? Germany ??n sell products ?n th? United States ?nd b? ?bl? t? receive Euros ?n exchange f?r US Dollar.


Risks ?f currency trading

Margined currency trading ?? ?n extremely risky form ?f investment ?nd ?? ?nl? suitable f?r individuals ?nd institutions capable ?f handling th? potential losses ?t entails. An account w?th ?n broker ?ll?w? ??u t? trade foreign currencies ?n ? highly leveraged basis (up t? ?b?ut 400 times ??ur account equity).The funds ?n ?n account th?t ?? trading ?t maximum leverage m?? b? completely lost ?f th? position(s) held ?n th? account experiences ?v?n ? ?n? percent swing ?n value. G?v?n th? possibility ?f losing one's entire investment, speculation ?n th? foreign exchange market ?h?uld ?nl? b? conducted w?th risk capital funds that, ?f lost, w?ll n?t significantly affect th? investors financial well-being. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

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Franklin in addition to help Marshall

Asics Footwear According to the planning, through 2015, sheet manufacturer exports find the particular sheet along with clothing exports, in our percentage of under 10% boosts 20% more than. Dongguan sheet clothes business organization secretary-general PanRi all through, “ opinion” consider the specific dongguan sheet clothes organization through reliance upon the particular worldwide marketplace to offer the essential meaning. Franklin Marshall Men Slacks throughout, assistance in addition to be able to manufacturer that’s helping improvement linked to companies, it’s certainly spoken regarding household companies turned out to be a massive household market. Religious Louboutin Boots Enterprise because the middle to produce the particular thick locks industry

Especially well worth the actual dongguan benefit from the actual locks, dongguan business commercial bunch since the primary system locks while using the interest connected with business in the land, have been because specific component entries. Related Coverage Franklin & Marshall Franklin Marshall Women Pants The great franklin Marshall franklin marshall Get Franklin and Marshall’s College Style Franklin and Marshall Franklin and Marshall is generally astounding Franklin Marshall Outlet Franklin and MarshallThe particular sights linked to mentioned, may while using dongguan business since the middle, rays connected with changping asian hole, the particular flat strain, and so forth, end up being the actual rigorous locks business. Concurrently, still assistance the particular office connected rich in-grade manufactured from wool manufacturing bottom, Franklin Marshall t shirts, made of wool r& n middle, franklin & marshall buy, made of wool profit middle.

Religious Louboutin Footwear Dongguan tresses connected business organization, the proceed that will accelerate specialists believe business enhancing of it’s business change connected with locks so that you can impartial model of locks much more business was produced, in addition to help in improving “ business hair” local manufacturer impact. Franklin Marshall Outlet According for your city business controller provides, franklin marshall sweat, perform locks connected small business presently throw seriously to assist the particular business could make locks manufacturer.

To acquire “ well-known manufacturer products connected with guangdong province”, “ well-known images connected with guangdong province” in the flooring buisingess, the particular business using the city financial give one-time recognition linked to $300000 To acquire “ america removes examine product” organization, one-time provide recognition linked with $500000 To acquire “ the particular Oriental well-known manufacturer product”, “ well-known Oriental trademark” company, one-time provide recognition connected with $1 thousand. Franklin Marshall. source.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Which is the Best Automated Forex Trading EA

Forex Trading is getting more popular with especially a group of automated trading which is made possible by MT4 trading platform Expert Advisor. Expert Advisor are program written by MQL4 languages that comes with MT4 trading platform. These Expert Advisors are coded from winning forex trading strategy and can be run 24 hours continuously to trade for you. Such trading system have created thousand dollars of profit daily and helped many to achieve passive income in Forex Trading.

FAP Turbo is one of the best Forex Trading Expert Advisor. If you go to my website you can read the whole review about this expert advisor with outstanding results. I will briefly talk about this below.

Profit Factor

Why is Profit Factor so important for simulated automated Forex trading system? Profit factor is simply using the profit earned divide by the losses incurred. Related Coverage Forex Hedge Fund Ea - Do Forex Automated Trading Systems Work? Forex automated trading is without a doubt one of the shadiest and most dangerous markets I have come across during my life. When you begin your journey in automated trading you will find a lot of promises and a lot of potential which ultimately leads you to purchase products believing that you will achieve financial freedom within a few years or even months.

Best Forex EA Expert Review To trade in currencies, one needs access to a trading account. You get the access via foreign exchange (forex) software for trading. The number of standard types of softwares for trading currencies is four. Each and every type of this software has its own advantages coupled with its own flexibility for the trader. Forex Morning Trade Ea-Forex Morning Trade Ea Review Do you want to create dollars? Not surprisingly, we all want, however it is not effortless to generate dollars. Forex EA (Software Program) Reviews A fair and balanced review of the most popular FOREX trading programs on the market.

These are not going to net you the millions per year they may promise, but they do work as an affordable educational tool for any new/intermediate trader who really wants to grow his knowledge and extend himself in the way of automated trading platforms.To put this in an illustration mode for easy understanding, for every dollar you invest, you take the profit divide by your losses. For example Profit Factor of 3 meaning you earn $3 for every $1 you losses. For FAP Turbo, from the simulation data presented in the website, it comes with a high Profit Factor figure of 31.77 This equal to earning $37 dollars against losing only $1 dollars. This is one of the best rating a Expert Advisor can achieve.

Maximum Draw Down

Draw down is the lowest point in your trading account with all unrealized profit/loss trades. When I mention unrealized trades are trades that you executed but not yet closed. As the trading account will increase or decrease due to profit or losses made from trade closed. But with Draw Down, this will take into account closed trades which is already reflected in the trading account plus the unrealized profit/loss trades. With the maximum value on Draw Down, this indicator the lowest point in terms of pips or percentage of the trading account. For FAP Turbo, it only registered a very small 0.32% maximum show that you only loss 32 cents for a trading account of $100.

Winning Percentage

This is the percentage of winning trades over total trades. With this figure alone, we will know what the success rate of winning over any total trades. With a 50% trade, means 50 trades win over 100 trades executed. This alone is not enough but with stop loss and profit take, this is very significant if comparing between Expert Advisor. If all trades are stop loss at 200 pips, with 50 pips profit take, at 80% winning rate, you will have zero gains. For FAP Turbo, it has a 150 pips stop loss and a 99% winning rate with average 15 pips win. To calculate, it will need to have a 90% winning rate or more to stay profitable.

By looking at Profit Factor, Maximal Draw Down and Winning Percentage (With Stop Loss and Profit Take), you can easily determine if the Expert Advisor is working profitable for you or losses money on your trading account. Another factor I would like you to bring it with you before I end my discussion here, is the time factor. How long is this Expert Advisor running and what time duration is the strategy tester simulated results base on. I would highly recommended duration of more then 1 year in order to achieve effect trading results. source.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Basic Programming for MT4 Forex Trading

With programming, Forex Trader can put their winning strategy into programming codes and run on MT4 trading platform to let the computer trades automatically. This is make possible using MQL or metaquotes languages to write and compile using metaeditor into executable ex files which are called expert advisor to run on MT4 trading account.

The programming is similar to C with declaration of variables, logic comparision and executing of files and functions.


MQL4 comes with various data types namely integer, Boolean, character, string, float, color and date & time. You can create local variable can using the standard declaration like int, double, string, etc. For global variables, you have to declare the variables before int start(). To have your variable available and value retained after program ended, use static variable declaration by static int, static double, etc

Standard Constants

It comes with many standard constant that you can use which is already predefine by the program. One of the most important standard constants are timeframe which comes with PERIOD_M1, PERIOD_M5, PERIOD_M15, PERIOD_M30, PERIOD_H1, PERIOD_H4, PERIOD_D1, PERIOD_W1 and PERIOD_MN1. This is useful in defining the currency chart to use for technical indicator trigger. Next is the OrderSend() function which uses trade operations constant OP_BUY, OP_SELL, OP_BUYLIMIT, OP_SELLLIMT, OP_BUTSTOP and OP_SELLSTOP which covers all the 6 different trade execution. The last importance standard constant is price related which is PRICE_CLOSE, PRICE_OPEN, PRICE_HIGH and PRICE_LOW which is often used in technical charting.

Predefined Variables

Ask, Bars, Bid, Close, Digits, High, Low, Open, Point and Time are widely use thru out the programming codes. When comparing currency price, Ask, Bid, Close, Open, High and Low are often called for operand operation. Bars is used when counting the number of bars in the selected currency chart. Point is the current symbol point value in the quote currency and Digits is the number after decimal point for the current symbol price. Both are used to compute stop loss, profit take, buy and sell price.

Account Information

This is a group of function which provided important information about your trading account and is used for computing trading lots and money management system including calculating of margin and balance. The often used function are AccountBalance, AccountFreeMargin, AccountLeverage, AccountMargin and AccountProfit. You need to input some margin requirement and usually I use minimum 200% margin requirement for max open lots using account leverage for maximum drawdown to avoid margin call.

Date and Time Functions

The widely used functions are DayOfWeek to get the Monday to Sunday of the date, Hour and minute for time and Seconds for looping. If your strategy is time constraint, meaning it only run during 2 to 4 am and only on Monday to Wednesday, this group of function is definitely the ones that you called to compare and execute codes.

Technical Indicators

This is the most important functions you be calling if you are using technical charting to execute trading rules. The common indicator that I used are iMA which is moving average simple/exponential/linear weighted calculation, iRSI which is Relative Strength Index, iMACD which is Moving Average Convergence/Diverage, iBands which is Bollinger Bands, iCCI which is Commodity Channel Index, iStochastic which is Stochastic Oscillator and iADX which is Movement Directional Index.

Trading Functions

This is required for any trading to be successful. The widely used trade function are OrderSend, OrderSelect, OrderClose and OrderModify. You may refer to MQL4 documentation for more information of the various functions. And refer to my website for more software offers with ready to use program codes. Posted by Forex articles and reviews online.

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Forex Strategies: Understanding the Rules of Trade Better

The rules of trade in forex trading are hidden behind forex strategies. Every article is worth reading because every article broadens ones knowledge in the art of trading.

The success of any endeavour is in being equipped with the proper knowledge, right tools and right materials. Every worker needs a manual to understand how the work is to be done properly especially if it requires manual assembly. Every student would need reference books to understand each and every subject properly. Just the same every forex trader needs strategies to trade properly and profitably.

Forex strategies equip any willing party who is interested to gain an edge in forex trading. It does not require a lot of time to read every article but each article will surely enrich every reader to become a better trader. Forex trading is complex and is made easy withforex strategies because they make one understand the rules of trading better.

Forex Strategies: Trading, Risk Management and More

Right now 2ndSkiesForex offer forex strategies that tackle trading, risk management and more. Related Coverage Understand automated Forex trading better Forex trading involved many strategies and time and due to these two factors that don't always play an active role for Forex traders they lose a lot of money in the currency market. Initially this was the problem that Forex traders faced; they would have to sit glued in front of their computers for hours on end, waiting for a change in the currency market to do trade. But this trend has rapidly changed with the inception of the automated Forex trading system.

Understanding Forex Trading Software The Forex trading software has provided many reasons to make forex markets much better. There are two varieties of forex trading software. Forex trading software provides many benefits to the traders. Forex trading software also provides security to the traders. Forex trading software allows the traders to see the entire forex markets conditions at once. It includes both the trading software and charting software. Forex trading software is really the foundation of forex market improvements.

Understanding Forex Trading System Forex is known as Foreign Exchange, it is necessary to understand the foreign exchange market before you get involved in nay kind of forex trading system. Here a basic understanding to the forex trading system has been provided to educate people about this. Internet Forex Trading Forex Trading - Understanding It Better Than Ever Albert Perrie and John Grace are the ones behind the success of the newest Forex Automated robot the Forex Megadroid. The developers integrated their 40 years of experienced trading in the Forex Marke...Having access to many articles that tackle on different issues and strategies to do forex trading well is very useful for any trader on the go.

Forex strategies is a combination of different solutions and principles that work which help every trader attain maximum benefits out of the resources he has and help shape his mind set to be successful at all times. Every article is unique nevertheless all of them has one goal, successful trading. It only takes a few minute to read a good article online but with proper use lifetime benefits may be enjoyed.

Knowledge is power and learning should be a continuous process. Therefore, if you need forest strategies that work check out articles from 2ndSkiesForex today and find trading, risk management and more articles that will pave your way to successful forex trading. source.

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The Best Customers Choice In Marketplace Strategy

Forex dealing communicating interacting communicating forex dealing communicating interacting communicating is all about developing big cash. Some traders have discovered it quite easy to make a large sum of cash as forex dealing communicating interacting changes daily. Forex dealing communicating interacting communicating, is industry. Off-line and on the internet you will discover resources to forex dealing communicating interacting as FX as well. Forex dealing communicating interacting communicating forex dealing communicating interacting communicating happens through a agent or a loan company often where you are able to buy other types of stocks, relationships and cost-effective affordable economical investment techniques.

When you are considering getting engaged in the forex dealing communicating interacting communicating interacting communicating dealing marketplaces you should know you are publishing cash to be spent with other nations. Related Coverage Best Online Marketplace An assortment of e-commerce sites are available online and act as the best platform where B2B business takes place effectively around the globe.

COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE: Etsy Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade: clothing, music, furniture, software, jewelry, robots. Futures Trading: Investment Strategy in Marketplace Offshore This forex trading helps you to start your right choose of forex brokers that may lead you to sucessful decision that you can make. The Importance of SEO in the Marketplace What is SEO? Let's say you are looking to buy a golf club online. You go to Google and type in "golf club", hit the search button, and millions of websites show up almost instantly. But what makes one website show up at the very top position of the first page in Google and another similar website show up on page 56, or 57, etc.? This is determined by how relevant Google thinks your website is to what you were searching.

This is done to get prepared up the cost-effective affordable economical investment techniques of people engaged in certain types of secured resources, and in the communicating interacting dealing marketplaces offshore. The fx industry could have your cash spent in one industry one day, and the next day your cash is spent in another country. The daily changes are established by your agent or loan company. When evaluating your statements and studying more about your issue, you will discover that every way of forex broker communicating interacting has three outcomes that will indicate that forex dealing communicating interacting.

For example, the U. s. States cash is USD, the Japoneses people individuals people yen is JPY, and the English lb sterling will research as GBP. You will also discover out out out that for every deal on your issue record you will see details that looks like this: JPYzzz/GBPzzz. What what this means is is that you took your Japoneses people individuals people yen cash and spent it into something in the English lb industry. You will see many dealings from one forex trading communicating interacting to another if you have cash that is spread through out the forex dealing communicating interacting forex dealing communicating interacting communicating dealing marketplaces.

Forex communicating interacting dealing marketplaces communicating by cost-effective affordable economical investment management organizations are the organizations you can believe in with your cash. You want to the that has been getting forex dealing communicating interacting communicating since the starting 1970s, and not someone just new on the prevent so you get the most for cash. It is important that you be careful of organizations that are getting up on the internet, and often times from globally nations that are disclosing they can get you engaged in the forex dealing communicating interacting forex dealing communicating interacting communicating dealing marketplaces and communicating. Look at the circumstances, and know whom you are getting for the best possible protection.

If you want communicating on the fx agent industry, you will discover concerns for investing are different from company to company. Often times you will understand that you need at least $250 or $500 while other organizations will need $1000 or $10,000. The company you are getting will set concerns in how much you need to begin a issue with their company. The fraudsters that are on the internet will tell you, that you only need a $1 or $5 to begin a issue, but you need to discover that company and where they are doing company before investing any cash, this is for your own protection while communicating in forex dealing communicating interacting communicating and communicating interacting dealing marketplaces on the internet. source.