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Monday, 19 November 2012

How to Not Fail in Forex Trading

In order to make money in the Forex market, you obviously need to place trades that end up being profitable for you. You need to make wise decisions and place orders that put your account into a profit, rather than into a loss. However, this is all easier said than done.

When beginners just get started, they will usually get to grips with the basics and then start placing their first few orders. The wise ones will do a lot of reading beforehand and start with a demo account, before then moving onto trading with live currencies after they have built up some confidence and experienced a certain level of success with their demo accounts.

However, most beginners will lose with their first trade. A lot of beginners will lose all of their first few trades and some might even blow their entire account away in their first week or even on their first day. It's easy to blow money in the Forex market. It's not hard to blow your entire Forex trading account away with just one trade. The point is, that it is impossible to not fail, but this doesn't mean it isn't impossible to make profits in the Forex market.

It isn't confusing as it might sound. In order to make profits in the market for currencies, you simply need to make sure that your gains are greater than your losses. Even the most successful Forex traders in the world draw losses on a regular basis. Unless you have billions of capital and are able to influence the markets on yourself with your vast spending power, losses are unfortunately inevitable. However, it doesn't mean profits are out of your reach. Independent Forex traders can make millions if they pull it off effectively.

So, instead of trying to find out how to not fail in Forex trading, you should focus more on how to fail less than you are now. Just focus on winning as much as you can. This is simple and you probably knew this to be the case already, but just don't expect to win every single time. If you are winning but seem to be losing more than you are gaining, you need to increase the number of profitable trades to place.

In order to improve your win/loss ratio, you need to identify what is causing your losses. Perhaps your analysis is inaccurate and is leading you to make bad decisions. This is a common reason why people lose in the markets. It is because Forex traders simply conduct poor analysis and go on to make bad decisions, without doing proper and thorough analysis using a variety of different sources. This is especially important when trading fundamentals and news, as a lot of news sources can be biased.

Your tactics and strategy definitely come into play too. A Forex trading plan outlining all of the techniques you plan on using is important to have. You also need to make sure that you are following this plan and not simply ignoring it. If you ignore your trading plan, then it's pointless you even having it. Your strategy is basically what you are doing, i.e. what kind of profits you are looking for and how you plan on getting those profits. For example, you might be looking for long-term profits and you might aim to get those profits through using particular technical indicators and trading long-term price trends.

There are other reasons why you can fail in the Forex market too. Some Forex traders use poor tools and software which lead them to losses. Some Forex traders also seem to choose brokers that have high spreads, poor customer service, a poor trading platform with minimal features and so on. The Forex broker you choose will obviously depend on your previous experience, needs and so on, but it's important to find a reliable, trustworthy and reputable broker that is also regulated by a relevant regulatory authority. This is for your own safety but taking the necessary precautions can also lead you to make more profits in the Forex market.

In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons why you can fail in the Forex market, which is why it is important to know exactly what you are doing before you put any of your money on the line. Never failing in the Forex market is pretty impossible, however what is possible, is improving your win/loss ratio which is what you should really aim to do as a Forex trader.

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