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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Forex and Penny Stock Trading, Alternative Income for a More Bearable Recession Part II


Very few will disagree with the following sentence: In our modern day society one of the most mentally, physcially and possibly even spiritually draining obligations known to man is the constant need for survival and make ends meet. Think about it. Waking up early, driving through rush hour traffic to make it to work on time (if not earlier), the wrenching feelings of angst regarding job security and not being certain if you will be fired or laid off. You may possibly be working for slave wages and having to deal with some inconsiderate jerk of a boss, customers and other employees who obnoxiously get on your nerves (this was supposed to end in High School) and could honestly care less. The list goes on and on. By clockout time it's likely that another round of rush hour traffic (this time filled with road raged prima donna's) is awaiting you. For many this is just a "typical" day yet it's one very few would like to have.

Below are a few alternatives for additional streams of income which some may want to consider. These in particular are certainly not for everyone.

Forex Trading:
Not very long ago Forex trading was limited only to large investors (such as banks and multinational corperations) and also to those with the ability to make it past stringent financial regulations. This has all changed and now anyone with internet access and a working phone service can get started for a small fee. Forex (foreign exchange) deals with swapping one currency (base) for another currency (counter). If the currency you happen to buy goes up in value and the one you swapped drops in value then you earn profit.The five main groups and investors involved in foreign exhange are governments, corporations, banks, investment funds and traders.

Unfortunately many people lose money due to inexperience, lack of knowledge and no strategic involvement. With Forex a good deal of time should be spent researching and staying informed on the markets while analyzing events which can cause a currency's value to change.One should never attempt any Forex trading with unrealistic expectations such as hoping to become rich overnight. It just won't happen. It's best for newcomers to accept that many hours of experience is required on their behalf and that they should only invest what they can afford to lose.Forex is the biggest market on earth. Every day Forex trades amount to over one and a half trillion dollars.

Penny Stocks:
Penny stocks (also known as micro cap equity) are stocks with a value of about five dollars or less per share. They are not traded on stock exhanges like The New York Stock Exchange, but are instead traded through over the counter markets through electronic quotation systems.Stocks which are provided and prefer to not take part in any major Stock Exchange like the NYSE or OTCBB place their stock listings on pink sheets. They do this out of privacy concerns and to avoid disclosing their financial status. The Securities Exchange Commision does not have much control over what they choose to report in terms of financial reports.Companies more likely to issue penny stocks are usually smaller start-up companies and not larger corporations. These are companies with less then four millions dollars in assets who also have no ownership of tangible assets such as buildings and equipment.Those who are looking to begin trading penny stocks can use brokers such as Ameritrade, Scottrade and Etrade.

If you're one of the numerous unlucky folks you probably have another commitment to fulfill (like a second or third job) and you can also expect to lose sleep at night. The list goes on and the person most familiar with these daily issues of pointless hustle and bustle is yourself. Look deeper for a moment and analyze the situation. Are these honestly YOUR plans and life decisions which you hold with such high regard? Think about going through the same nonsense day in and day out, monday through friday only to find some temporary solace over the weekend. Come Sunday evening a familiar yet unbearable feeling creeps up and this process is repeated day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

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