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Monday, 5 November 2012

Forex Trading versus Working a Regular Job

If you are interested in embarking on a Forex trading career of your own, you may want to consider the both advantages and disadvantages of both trading currencies and working a regular job.

With Forex trading, you get a lot of freedom; you can work whenever and wherever you want, since the market for currencies open all day every business day and you can trade from your own home. You don't have a boss and you work self-employed.

By working a regular job, you will most likely get very little freedom; you will have set hours and most likely more hours to work. You will also have to travel to work, instead of working from home. With a regular job, you will of course also have a boss that you will have to take orders from.

You can probably now why Forex trading is seen to be a desirable job when self-employed, however there is an issue with security. It is just like any other business. By trading currencies for a living, you will be your own boss, which means that you will have to really work for your earnings. With a regular job, you get a set wage and that is guaranteed, provided that you don't get fired or made redundant.

So with Forex trading, your livelihood could be described as less secure. However, this disadvantage can be overcome by simply ensuring that you earn a good amount of money through your trading, before you quit your regular job and decide to trade full-time. Some days will be bad and some will be good; if you want to make sure that your livelihood is secure, don't quit your day job until you are consistently earning a solid amount of money.

There is also a huge amount of potential in Forex trading, which is another reason why trading currencies is better than working a regular job. As a Forex trader, you can literally make millions annually, which is obviously a lot more than what most bosses can provide their employees with. With a regular job, however hard you work, you will get the same wage unless you get pay rises which aren't too common. However the harder you work when it comes to Forex trading, the more you earn, most of the time. Of course this isn't all the case, but the people who work the hardest tend to get the luckiest.

In conclusion, as long as you get to a stage where you are profiting well and consistently, Forex trading has to be better than working a regular job full-time. With all the freedom, flexibility and potential, Forex trading has to come out on top when compared to working a regular job full-time. It may have its flaws, like the fact that it could mean less financial security since Forex traders don't get a set wage, but this is just like any other business. In order to make money, you need to take risks and as previously mentioned, it doesn't even have to be that risky as long as you don't quit your day job until you are making a substantial amount of money on a regular basis. There are some other minor flaws of Forex trading; it can get lonesome and boring, but these can also be overcome; by being self-employed you can take time off to spend with family and friends whenever you feel like it and some Forex brokers offer fun and enjoyable features that can prevent you from becoming bored of Forex trading.

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