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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How To React After Blowing A Forex Account

To some new Forex traders, a stop out or a margin call comes as a surprise to them but to the majority, these two occurrences are very dreaded. It is for many traders a baptism of some sorts since most people have blown out their accounts either with real money and on demo accounts before they finally mastered their money management acumen. The most important thing however is not the event itself but what you decide to do after.

Things to avoid doing after you blow your account

Do not be quick to write-off Forex trading as a gamble or to call the broker a scammer. To the contrary, brokers are amongst the most regulated of finance outfits. Bitterness and anger are normal feelings during that period but they only make someone have a clouded vision and make him ignore a very important lesson that must be learnt by all professional Forex traders, that is "never bite what you cannot chew". Absorb the shock and move on by strengthening money management. Ask yourself if you were opening positions that were too large compared to the available margin. To many, it is always a combination of over-committing and staying too long in a losing position. Do not lose $100 while trying to save $10. People keep the losers running, in the hopes that they will slowly move back into positive territory on ly for the loss to double and very soon, it becomes even harder to close the bigger negative figure.

Start demo trading again

Demo trading keeps learners motivated and in the loop. It is better than shelving the idea of professional Forex trading again. Do not insist on depositing more money and repeating the same mistake unless you can guarantee that you have learnt what went wrong last time and that there are credible measures in place to avoid the same mistake. Forex trading is to a great part about motivation and composure. In fact, most people know when to buy but the problem is that psychological influences get the better of them. Do not go long just because everyone else seems to be buying. A random buy or sell signal in a forum or chart room should not be the determining factor to open a trade. Do some cross checking and see if every signal or buy/sell opportunity falls into your strategy.

Believe in your strategy more and improve it instead of dumping it for another

Have a very simple way of deciding whether the market is bullish or bearish and cling to it. The problem with having too many indies is that there are times they will offer conflicting advice. Furthermore, remember that indicators rely mostly on historical data and they are not a guarantee of the future. Take your existing strategy and make it fool-proof, meaning you should be thinking of making it have money management considerations, know when to take profits and losses and know when to sit out. When you are confident with your trading once again, deposit money and continue real account trading.

Demo trading always ensures that people can have a good platform to learn new trading strategies or improve on their already existing strategies. Forex trading is an exciting career but it needs adequate practice and guidance. Open a free demo account through IzzoForex and start practicing today. Providing useful tips, reviews, articles and writings on forex online.

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