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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Forex Online Trading? How To Test a Forex Trading Strategy

There has been a rise in trading Forex online the last couple of years. The traders have access to a lot of trading tools like the Bollinger Bands, the Stochastic Oscillator, Parabolic SAR, Linear regression, Williams %R etc.

But which provides the best results? Which gain most profit? Do the tools gain different profits in different market situations? Etc.

My focus in this article is to describe how to test these tools as a Forex trading strategy and how the test results can be written in a table.

A test is several trades with the same indicator. A test could be 20 trades with two indicators as it is unusually just to use one indicator. A test could also be 20 trades with three indicators.

The advantage testing and note the test results in a table are that it provides an overview of which of the indicators that fit the trader and which one gain the most profit. The goal of the test is to improve skills and profit margin.

An example of a test could be 20 trades with the Bollinger bands as the primary indicator and the Stochastic Oscillator as the secondary indicator. If a third indicator is needed it could be the Alligator as a secondary indicator.

Each time a trade is made the trader makes notes in a table. The table consists of five columns with the following headlines


Currency pair


+ Pips

- Pips


In the example the notes in the table could look like this.


22 of august 2012

Currency pair




The Bollinger bands


The Stochastic Oscillator

The Alligator






The trade was stopped as the price line is outside the upper standard deviation and the candle stick was red.

The tests tell the trader how he has done in the past and with which trading tools. In the column Notes he could have noted how he felt during the trade. An example could be if he felt stressed or relax. If the 20 trades showed that he was relaxed it could look like he had found a trading tool that fits him.

As mentioned the goal of the test is to improve the skills and profit margin. But it is still important to keep in mind that a past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Forex Trade: How to Choose a Forex Broker

Choosing the right Forex broker can be a difficult task. Due to the ever expanding interest in currency trading by the public, the number of brokers is growing fast. Chances are most new traders have no idea on where to start. Finding the right broker requires cautiously sifting through an overwhelming number of Internet advertisements and forums. It is important that you carefully check out every broker before choosing one that suits your needs.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a Forex broker:

24/7 Support

Forex is a 24 hour market, so your broker should offer support day and night. Before hiring a Forex broker, try to find out if you are going to have a dedicated point of contact and how quickly your issues will be solved. Trading hours on the Forex market vary depending on what currencies you are interested in trading. If you had questions about order execution, you should be able to get an answer no matter what time it is.

Initial Deposit

Search for Forex brokers who require a low initial deposit ranging from $300 to $500 or less. Not every broker has this feature. Some brokers require their clients to invest thousands of dollars, which is not the best option for new traders.


Before choosing a Forex broker, you have to make sure that he is regulated. Most brokers are members of the US-based National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Those who are regulated choose to be so, in order to add legitimacy to their reputation. If the broker is not registered with any of these organizations, then you may want to think twice before hiring him.

Transaction Cost

Every time you trade currencies, you will have to pay a commission or a spread. Sometimes you may need to sacrifice a low transaction for a more reliable broker. Because currencies are not traded through a central exchange, the spread can vary depending on the broker you use. Some brokers use a variable spread, while others require a fixed spread.


Choose a broker who offers an easy to use trading platform. Any reputable broker will allow new customers to trade on a demo account. This will give you the chance to test out the trading platform before investing real money. Professional trading software will show live prices, not just indicative quotes. Read reviews about the brokers you are interested in and visit their websites for more information about customer support services, availability of addresses and phones, and Forex trading rules.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Forex Online Trading? How to Improve Your Forex Trading With Visualization Techniques

The Forex market is a market the traders cannot control. It is a market where the price is determined by demand and supply. The traders have to accept the market conditions and plan their trading strategies in connection to the market. In a market likes the Forex market the traders have to be in control over themselves.

Traders in control over themselves are traders who have set a plan for their trading. They have goals and want to achieve them. The goals are realistic, attainable and measurable and they trade in their "own best interest". In their mind they have been through all kinds of trading situations. An example could be how to stop a trade that is not a winning trade and how to accept that they have made a wrong decision.

Traders in control over themselves are human beings with discipline and a self-image that convince them that they are good traders. A self-image is a picture all human beings have of themselves in their mind. It is a picture that is built on experiences and beliefs in life. The image controls our behavior in all life situations.

A self-image is "how I am" and as it controls how we act in our lives it is import to affect our self-image to be successful in our lives and in Forex trading. A part of trading Forex is that some trades go wrong. Some traders just accept that they have made a wrong decision. Others will continue to think of themselves as a bad decision maker and start to fear that they will make bad decisions on future trades.

The different behavior in the mentioned situation illustrates the importance having a "leave past behind" attitude in Forex trading. The first group just continues trading and looks for new opportunities in the market. The second one starts to fear they are badly Forex traders. The two groups' picture of their behavior as a trader is clearly different and clearly that the first groups' attitude gives them better chances to be successful as they use their energy on the next trade and not that they made a bad decision.

The second groups' attitude can easily be changed. They have to use a visualization technique and visualize the situation where they made a wrong decision. The situation can be a real trade or a trade that is made up. It is important that the picture of the situation is as detailed as possible. The more detailed the picture is the easier it is to achieve the goal. In this example is the goal how to get a "leave past behind" attitude.

Using a visualization technique and go through the picture over and over and over again prevent you from making the same mistake again. The mentioned example of a visualization technique is just one example. The technique changes all kinds of bad habits and thought processes. Scientific experiments have shown that a bad habits and thought processes can be changed if the technique is used in 21 days in a row.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Day Traders, Learn to Stop the Bleeding

There are many types of Forex Traders, each with his own style. On a day-to-day basis, Forex has thousands of individuals that are trading multiple pairs. The trading volume on any given day can range from little to extremely heavy, depending on the time of day, the Market conditions, and other factors that can be associated. Because of the various opportunities that exist in this busy market, traders of all calibers have emerged. The different types of traders are day traders, swing traders, long term holders, and scalpers. We will be discussing day traders.

Day trader are people who simply buy and sell within the same day. The reason they do that is to buy and sell to turn a profit with a short-term movement in the market price. Many day traders understand that if you hang on to a good trade too long, the up tick will have passed and the stock could plummet. What I have seen from a number of beginners (and some veterans also) is that because of various reasons, people wait too long and as a result they end up not making any money at all.

My advice to all the newbies; because of your newness to the Market, I would suggest that you start by trading a demo account. With that scenario, you are not using real money, yet you are choosing your pairs, buying and selling as if it were real. You will accrue pretend gains and pretend losses. If you are, in fact, interested in trading real money, you should find a company that allows you the ability to open an account with a small amount. Also it would be BEST for you to use a training company that gives you the opportunity to "earn while you learn."

I have always taught my students that before they start trading, it is a very wise decision for you to set up a few rules for yourself. The most important rule, in my opinion, is to limit your losses. Forex isn't just about gaining, but even more, it's about avoiding losses. I believe that you should put a dollar amount on what you will allow yourself to lose in a single day, but you MUST stick to it.

Just don't be like many day traders, who make the mistake of holding on to pairs way too long, rather than closing the trade and just taking a small gain or a slight loss. When they notice the pairs initially starting to lose money, they decide to hold onto it thinking the market will change in their favor and they can make back whatever they've lost. Instead of the anticipated gain, the result is even more money loss than if they would have just closed the pair when it hit its loss limit.

If you will be successful as a day trader, you need to know your limits, trust your strategy, and learn with an education company that will provide an earn-while-you-learn opportunity. Forex can be a great success for you, but ONLY if you make the decision to work at it. Take a word of advice from one who has experienced MANY losses, finding a coach or someone who is willing to walk you through the beginning portions of your Forex career is invaluable. Find a coach and learn Forex today.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What Is A Forward Contract

If you regularly utilise the services of a bank or foreign exchange broker, it is important for your personal or business finances to try to get the best deal on your foreign currency exchange rate. What happens if you find yourself keeping an eye on the markets and the exchange rate for the currency pair you generally trade, is looking favourable now? Wouldn`t it be great if you could ask you bank or broker to give you that exchange rate at some point in the future? Well you can and this is where a 'Forward Contract' comes into play.

How does this work in practice? In effect you are asking your bank or broker to honour the exchange rate at that particular point in time and to save it for you to use at some point in the future.When you advise your bank or broker that you wish to enter into a forward contract, you must stipulate a date when you want to complete the transaction. The benefit to entering into a forward contract is you know exactly what exchange rate you will get on a particular day. If the rate is favourable then this could mean making some significant savings. However, it is important to remember that the markets may fluctuate against you and that you are entering into a financial agreement. If you decide to pull out of the contract then you will be expected to meet the costs to the bank or broker. Furthermore, your bank or broker may ask for a deposit upon agreeing the contract and there may be a limit as to how far in the future the contract can be held open for.

A further type of forward contract is a 'drawdown forward contract'. With a forward draw down contract you can take a portion of funds at intervals throughout the contract. Each withdrawal is termed a 'forward drawdown'. With a forward drawdown you can take as small or large a portion of the funds as you require, however each withdrawal may be subject to a fee. As with the forward contract, there may be a deposit required upon set up.

Many institutions are now developing their own style of forward contracts with various features, however, they are generally variations on the aforementioned forward contract types. The most appropriate type of contract for the individual or business will depend upon their personal requirements.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

All About Forex Trading System

What is Forex trading system? It is a trading Forex method that is based with a number of analyses in determining whether to sell or buy a currency pair in a given amount of time. Forex trade system can be also be based on set of signs or signals that are derived from charting tools with technical analysis or in news-based events that are fundamental. A trader's currency trading system can be usually made up with technical signals that create a sell or buy decision if they are pointing in a historically led decision to a type of trade that is profitable. The system of Forex trading may be done manually or automated.

A manual trading in Forex will involve sitting in front of your computer screen, waiting or looking for any signals, then interpreting whether you will sell or buy. In an automated type of system for trading in foreign exchange, the trader will teach the computer trading software on what signals to find or look for as well as how it will be interpreted. It is believed that the automated type of trading removes the psychological and emotional components in trading which often leads to a negative or bad judgment. Both of the manual system for trading, the automated system, and the signals are usually available for purchase. It will be very important to note regarding the system of the trade that there is no truth about the so-called "holy grail." If the type of a trade system is perfect in moneymaking, the seller will obviously not want to give a share with it. That is why big financial firms always keep their so-called "black box" trading system program under key and lock.

In Forex trading, you must remember that the Forex market is the biggest and also the financial market that is most accessible all over the world. Although there are a lot of Forex investors out there, truly successful investors are only few. Many of the Forex traders fail with the same reasons that they fail in some type of asset classes. The high amount of leverage that is provided in the market and the small low amount of margin that is required in trading the currencies will deny the traders an opportunity to create numbers of low-risk mistakes. You can find factors that are specific to currency trading which can cause some of the traders to expect a higher return of investment than the actual market can offer.

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Monday, 24 September 2012

How To Read a Forex Chart Properly

Start learning the basics right here!

To get started with trading on foreign exchange market, you'll need to understand the most basic type of tool there is in forex trading, a forex chart. A forex chart is a graph of a currency pair's performance (i.e. EUR/USD) over a certain period of time. The ability to read forex charts effectively is essential to any forex trader's success.

For every chart you see, each one will be showing the trends for a different currency pair: EUR/USD, USD/GBP, and so on. These currency pair symbols represent the different currencies compared against each other, and it is these comparisons that essentially make the forex market world go round. So, if you don't understand how to read the chart of a currency pair, you may be out of luck. Not to worry though, here's a short and sweet guide on how to fix that little problem of yours.

This is as basic as it gets. Along the right side of a graph are incremental amounts which help indicate what price whichever currency pair you're looking at, at any given time may be. In the actual chart you can see where the specific pair held at what value at any given time. And lastly, the bottom of the chart contains the timeline, which can be anything between 15 minutes, an hour, a day, you name it.

For us visual learners in the world, and if you don't know what kind of learner you are, you're most likely visual, these forex charts are very useful for forex trading. Once you have the basics of reading a forex chart down, you can start to get a feel of whether a currency pair is getting strong or weaker. Over time, you will begin to learn how to utilize the timeframe feature more effectively. For now, stick to the 15-minute or 1 hour timeframes, unless you're looking at a long-term trading method in which you count on holding on to your trades for prolonged periods of time.

Most trading software that online forex brokers provide you with will supply forex charts via the interface, in which case you won't have to research on external web pages. Serious traders have all of their tools all in one place so to be more inclined to have a ready finger when they're poised to make a quick profit. When looking for a broker, make sure they provide live charts with their software. However, in this day in age, a brokerage wouldn't live for too long without this feature, so it in all likelihood shouldn't be something you have to worry about.

Obviously, keeping track of charts that you've made investments with is a must, but you'll want to keep an eye on charts for other currency pairs, as well. If you fail to do this, you may miss out on significant forex trades that could net you quite a profit. The good news is that most new forex trading software allows you to view multiple charts in one window.

Now that you know your way in and out of a forex chart, go take your slice of the pie in the forex market. Lucrative gains are made on the forex market daily. It's your turn!

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Trading Technical Chart Patterns With Help Of Forex Trendline Tool

In currency trading, the movement of currency prices creates distinctive formations that are known as chart patterns. Common points or lines are connected over a period of time in order to define a technical pattern. Closing prices, highs, lows, etc. are connected by these lines of points or what we commonly use know as a Forex trendline tool available in Metatrader 4 platform.

In order to predict an underlying currency pair's future price movements, these chart patterns are used in technical analysis in conjunction with the forex trendline tool. The tool available is a useful feature that assist trader in identification of key price levels and also to mark out elusive patterns that traders may often miss out on.

Identifying these chart patterns on the currency chart for a new starting trader will take some time. It is definitely going to take time and experience to understand market movement and pattern formation.

While starting traders may often identified the patterns too early in their formations, due to their excitement may as a result place trade entries too early based on the lack of pattern confirmation which may leads to false trading signals. Therefore it is great if there is a customized forex trendline trading tool that can help in the execution of trade entries based on proper trading signals and the monitoring of the trade process all on automation.

Going back to the five most important trading technical chart patterns in currency trading that all traders should be familiar with:

- The Wedge

- Head and Shoulders

- Channels

- Descending Triangle

- Double top

The Wedge

The wedge pattern has two variations. The wedge pattern actually is a reversal pattern, which indicates the occurrence of a reversal of the pattern within the wedge's boundaries. Thus, the bullish reversal pattern is the falling wedge and the bearish reversal pattern is the rising wedge. The lows and highs of the candlesticks are connected to form the wedge, as a result of which a pattern is produced. In the wedge chart pattern, the slope formed by the upper trend line is sharper than the falling wedge and the slope formed by the lower trend is sharper than the rising wedge.

Head and Shoulders

As the name suggests, this trading chart pattern resembles a head flanked by shoulders on both sides. When the highs of the candlesticks are connected by a trend line forming tow troughs and three peaks, then the head and shoulders chart pattern is formed. The head refers to the larger price peak and the shoulders refer to the smaller price peaks. The head and shoulders chart pattern is a bearish pattern. For sellers, a favorable break in occurs when a small descending triangle starts appearing.

Descending Triangle

The descending triangle is a bearish pattern is formed when lower highs form an upper trend and the lows form a lower horizontal trend line, both of which converge with each other. Eventually, a bearish breakout occurs at the lower horizontal forex trendline.


Ascending channels, descending channels and horizontal channels are some of the variations of channels. Channels are defined in the same way regardless of which variation is seen on the chart. Channels are defined as technical ranges with prices that have traded in for the time being. When the price range trends upwards ascending channels occurs, when the range trends downwards descending channels occurs and when the range consolidates sideways a horizontal channel occurs.

Double Tops

Double tops, is a bearish reversal trading technical chart pattern by one trough in between two successive peaks. The level of the peaks is almost the same. The trough acts as a temporary support and the neckline is formed by a horizontal line that is drawn at this point.

Out of all these chart patterns the head and shoulders and the double tops patterns also have reverse patterns known as the Reverse Head and Shoulders, and the Double Bottom patterns. As mentioned, traders get a signal from these trading technical chart patterns that it is profitable for them to buy or sell certain currency pair. Thus, these were five of the most important currency trading chart patterns every trader should be aware of.

In addition, all traders should have a look at a simple method like forex trendline tool to trade these technical chart patterns on full automation based on the traders' personalized trading plan efficiently and effectively.

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Forex Online Trading? How To Be A Successful Forex Trader

The Forex market is the market where currencies are traded. The traders' sign up for an account and place their capital on the account. Some of them have success and some of them realize how difficult Forex trading can be. The focus in this article is to describe how to be a successful Forex trader and describe some of the common mistakes in Forex trading.

The most traded currency pair is the EURUSD, USDJYP and GPBUSD. It does that a lot just trade one of these currency pairs. But what if the market is moving sideways and there is no trend in the market. Would it be better to find a market where there is a trend? Of course it would. But a lot just stick to the same currency pairs and miss the opportunity to gain a profit from a trend-following market.

Success in the FX market depends on a good strategy. A strategy is a set of rules the trader stick to. A good day could be defined as a day where the strategy is achieved and followed as planned. A common mistake and reason falling in the FX market is that the strategy is not followed or there is no strategy.

How to be a successful Forex trader? One of the characteristic being successful in general is that they know their personality. They know their strengths and weaknesses and can explain them in detail. Successful traders in the FX market know their personality and therefore they only trade with strategies that fit their personality. They have patience and wait for the right trade as quality is better than quantity. In other words wait for the right entry and if the entry is missed wait for the next one.

Few indicators or techniques are used and the trading is kept as simple as possible. The indicators are used over and over and over again if the indicators or techniques are successful. They trust the indicators but are also aware of that other factors may have influences on the currency curve's direction. If the market conditions are changing and it is necessary to adjust the strategy the adjustment will be made.

They have realized having a break and clear their head is a key to their success. A stop-loss level is also a key in gaining profits as they do not hold a position in hopes that the currency curve will start to rise.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Forex Trade: Simple Tips for Understanding Currency Rates

Whenever you are considering investing in the Forex market, it is extremely important that you know everything possible regarding currency rates, especially how to calculate these rates and how to compare the different currencies available for trading. If you are planning on investing in another country's currency or traveling there, you first have to learn how to compare currency rates in order to understand how they affect your gains or losses. Managing the risk factors is critical for those who make a living trading foreign exchange.

Forex traders can calculate currency rates automatically or manually. Automatic calculation involves five steps. Start by finding a currency rate calculation website. Next, there should be a drop down menu that displays the different currencies you can invest in. Find your currency on that menu. The next step is to find the currency you are considering converting your currency into. Enter the amount that you want to convert. Finally, click on calculate and view the results.

If you want to calculate currency rates manually, then you should do some research on the Internet and look for websites that provide a currency converter table. Find the US Dollar (USD). Locate the other currency you are interested in. For instance, if you are interested in the pound sterling look for GBP. Divide $1 by the current rate of exchange. If it is.8984 for the GBP, this means that $1 US will be worth 1.1130 GBP.

You can well understand the importance of comparing the different currency rates now that you are aware of what is involved in calculating those rates. Remember that there are three critical elements involved in rate comparisons on the Forex market including:

Exchange rate - currencies are just like commodities and their rates are controlled by the laws of supply and demand.

Price - this can be calculated either automatically or manually (see the two descriptions explained above).

Value - this involves more than just knowing what the different currency rates are and knowing what they are actually worth.

If you are new to Forex, you should decide whether you want to trade your own money or hire a broker. In case you decide to trade currencies by yourself, keep it simple. The most successful traders don't analyze all day or research historical trends; they simply take action. The more you practice, the more skilled you will become. A wise trader knows that learning about Forex trading never ceases.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Teach Me Forex, The Carry Trade

Forex is the foreign exchange market and measures the relationship between currencies. A currency can be viewed as economic indicator of a countries economic strength. The forex market reflects the relationship between countries.

Traders all over the world look at these relationships and place trades that hope to capture the price movements between currencies. These traders are either long or are shorting the market. This ability to trade both directions without penalty is attractive for many traders.

Currencies are traded as pairs and each part of the pair represents a country. The USD/CAD currency pair shows the relationship between the US economy and the Canadian economy.

All commodities are bought and sold in US dollars. Because of this relationship the US dollar is the worlds reserve currency. Non reserve currencies will usually move in the opposite direction to the dollar. This inverse relationship can be exploited by currency traders.

Say the dollar devalues through excess money printing. Wealth is transferred from cash to assets that will hold their value. This protects the owners wealth. As the dollar declines the prices of commodities rise in relation to the number of dollars now needed to buy them. This allows you to trade by shorting the US dollar and by keeping your money safe by buying commodities.

Another way forex traders make money is on the difference between interest rates. This is called the "Carry Trade" and involves borrowing money from low interest rate countries and investing this borrowed money in a country with a higher bond yield. The difference between the bond yields are the profits on the trade.

As a private trader you do not have access to credit this cheap. You have to be able to borrow at the Libor, the London Interbank Offered Rate which is currently at 1.07%. This is only accessible by large finance companies. Without this access to cheap money it is should be impossible for the private trader to take advantage of this trade..

The good news is a private trader has a few different ways to capture the difference between bond yields. First you can use an exchange traded fund (ETF). The ETF is a fund that has been divided into shares and these shares are traded on the on the open market.

If you buy an ETF you will be paid a dividend payment for holding the ETF. Which comes from the difference between the bond yields. A trader could also expect capital growth on the ETF as the currencies value changes in relation to each other.

As money moves from the country with the lower bond yield to the higher bond yield country. This starts to increase the value of the currency in the higher bond rate country. This causes a trend in the currency pair.

Another way to take advantage of the difference between bond yields is to use a forex broker. You look at the bond yield charts to see who is paying the highest and lowest interest rates. Choose a currency pair that mirrors the high/low interest rate.

You would buy the currency pair if the first currency in the pair has a higher bond rate, You would sell if the first currency in the pair is the lower interest rate. You would use the 10 year bond yield to work out bond yields.


2.72%/0.875% (10 year bond yields)

In the above example you would buy the AUD/JPY because the AUD has the strongest bond yield. If the % rates were the other way around you would sell the trade instead.

By using a forex broker you can earn the difference between the yields. Every time you hold a trade past 12 midnight you are either paid or you have a payment deducted from your trading account. Whether you receive money or not depends on the yields for the currency pair you are trading.

With this carry trade set up you are aiming to be paid the interest every day and also capture capital growth by trading with the trend. Which is trading with the flow of money.

I hope you found this useful and let the forex profits flow.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Forex Market and Technical Analysis

Technical analysis, as the name suggest, is the use of technical data to interpret a present or past market scenario. It is one of the two main forms of market analysis; the other one is the fundamental analysis which uses fundamental data like company history and management or growth or GDP. Sometimes referred as statistical analysis, technical analysis includes tools known as technical indicators or technicals to validating existing market conditions and/or to predict future market conditions.

From the beginning of trading and innovation of patterns and indicators there is a very active dispute on the effectiveness of technical analysis for traders. Traders and experts concentrating on fundamental analysis question technical data and those on the opposite side support the same. But most traders agree on some advantages of technical analysis like.

They make analysis of market movements interesting. Knowledge of past market scenario and price changes help traders to profit. Knowledge of patterns and trading signals help traders to better position their trades. They tend to work better if you are day-trading or short-term trading. They help traders to minimize risk, especially when there is much negative sentiments.

Today, forex traders and brokers are the most prominent promoters of these technical analysis systems. And in a general observation one can say that these systems works better with forex market especially over equity, futures and commodity markets. There are different reasons for this including,

The continuity of global forex market: The currency market is a continues market open 24 hours on weekdays. This reduces the over-night position holding risk and trading gaps. Inter-dependence of currencies: The globalization has tremendously increased international trades and currency exchanges. One can always find some patterns in currency price changes even when the nations are far apart from each other. Predictability of some currencies at certain levels: the central banks of different nations tend to actively engage the market to keep the currency exchange rates at an optimum level. So one may predict the reversal to some optimum range, when it is broken. The high popularity of trading systems and trading: forex is now world's leading financial market and modifications/innovations of trading systems and indicators is a common phenomenon here. So the systems are tested, corrected and modified to better results.

Now traders can find a vast number of different forex trading technical indicators to facilitate and automate the trading procedure. Most of these systems are web-based, meaning they are accessible from any desktop, laptop or handheld computer having internet access. Today's systems come with sophisticated and advanced technical indicators to identify/predict/analyze/validate trading signals, formations, patterns and market conditions.

In all forms of trading, it is always a good practice to use more than one technical indicator to get better and accurate results. And it is also good to use technical analysis together with fundamental analysis.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Scalping Forex

Scalping Forex is a popular quick trading method involving swift opening and closing of trade positions. In this method the traders keep their positions open only for a few seconds or at the most 2-3 minutes. A majority of scalpers hold their positions for as short as one minute. The basic idea behind scalping is to make small chunks of profit consistently and thereby increase the overall profit. The swift opening and closing of the trade exposes the trading account to lower levels of risk. Scalping is done with huge amount of funds. So, even a mild pip movement creates significant profits.

Following are the tips, tricks & necessities for effective Scalping:

1. A professional scalper needs to have a broker, who provides the best automated processing platform and allows scalping.

2. The scalper needs to be very attentive, patient and meticulous person. He should clearly absorb the value of reaping small profits to transform into larger proportions. Patience is the key aspect in scalping. This type of trading would not gel with rash and highly excited individuals.

3. A conventional scalper has to open and close hundreds of positions during a day. He has to keep a very strict stop-loss to ensure that the losses are capped. The scalper has to give equal importance to all his positions and can't afford to be slack at any moment.

4. Forex Scalpers are only concerned about the shorts bursts of unpredictability. They need to understand the market behavior at a micro level so that they can take advantage of even the slightest fluctuations to realize their profits.

5. Successful Forex scalpers need solid focus and tremendous devotion. They need to possess strong dedication and ability to stand by their plans religiously.

6. Forex Scalpers need to realize that not all currencies are best suited for Scalping. They need to choose the ones where scalping is painless and rewarding.

7. Scalping Forex is not encouraging at all the times. Scalpers need to find out the correct times that would allow them to take fruitful positions and convert them into sizable profits.

Forex scalpers devise various strategies that help them in Scalping. Every scalper has his own strategy and technique to generate profits. There are different price models and price formation patterns that make scalping more lucrative.

a. Breakout Scalping - Some scalpers verify various breakouts to carry their trade. Breakouts can happen due to some macro-economic, policy or domestic business news that provides a new direction to the market. Technical breakouts happen when the currency price closes above the specific resistance price.

b. Range Scalping - Some Scalpers believe that a specific market range is best fit for scalping. These scalpers choose to operate within that range.

c. Trend Scalping - Some scalpers analyze the overall trend and then participate in scalping Forex. Trends are generally unstable and many scalpers like to follow the trend with strict stop-loss to minimize the risk of heavy loss.

Scalping Forex is not suitable for everyone. Only those who understand the market movements quickly and perform rapid trading by following the rigorous principles of discipline, focus and patience succeed in their endeavor.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Basic Tips for a Forex Trading Novice

The Forex market is a very serious market to enter. For a novice, it is very necessary to gain some Forex trading for beginner tips and advice. It is very important that you are equipped, if not with experience, with enough knowledge on how things work in the market.

As a beginner, there are many things you need to consider and you must do in order to gain money in the market. First, you have to practice before participating in the actual trading. There are trading demo accounts available online for you to try. These various accounts are available for free. Thus, you spend nothing for this trial account. Demo accounts allow beginners to practice trading process virtually using fake money. In addition, you can use and test different strategies on this account. You are given the opportunity to know the different platforms and strategies in trading. The demo account is available for free. Thus, take time to use it and do not worry too much on the outcome of your practice trade. This will allow you to sharpen your knowledge as well as your skills in trading.

Another thing beginners should do is to understand how things work in the market. You must be able to understand the trade charts and the financial data. The decisions you have to make during the trading process solely depend on the charts and data. Thus, you must be able to determine which data are favorable and which are not. Do not depend on the software you have. Though the software has the capacity to calculate the data for you, it is also wise to know how and what strategies to use. With this, you will know when is the right time to buy and sell.

Further, as beginner, you must also know how to control your emotions. Your emotion has an important impact on every decision you are going to make. Do not allow your losses to dictate your decision. You must rely on facts and available trading data and not purely on emotions. If you want to achieve your goals then, all your actions should be logical. Learn to deal the psychological impact from the market.

As the popular motto goes "practice makes perfect," you have to keep practicing to be able to succeed in your chosen field. Take time to learn things. You can do it slowly but surely. Most importantly, never allow your emotion to control and affect your decisions.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Simple Tips on Investing in the Khaleej Times Forex Market For Beginners

The Khaleej Times Forex market is known for being the most valuable sources for companies to earn money. This allows various businesses to publicly raise or trade additional financial capital to expand from selling shares of ownerships of a company into a public market. This happens to be a quite attractive feature for investing within Khaleej Times Forex compared to most other low liquid investments like real estate. Various wealthy people earned their net worth through the Khaleej Times Forex market and have advised many people to get started in the business.

Simple Tips on Investing in The Khaleej Times Forex Market For Beginners

- The Khaleej Times Forex Market Must Be Taken Seriously

Investing isn't a hobby that anyone can do, therefore, it must be treated as an actual business of yours. This basically means that you must understand the possible profit and losses. It is also advised to check the companies of which your investments will be made. Investing in the Khaleej Times Forex market is often perceived as gambling, but once you do your homework, it becomes more of a business than a gamble, as you will then know what you're doing.

- Get Educated

Getting an education was suggested by one of the wealthiest men in the world, Warren Buffett. He suggested a while ago that every single investor must be able to know an annual report, the basic accountancy principles, and also the history of the Khaleej Times Forex market. Although you don't necessarily need to be an accountant, you will need to comprehend the entire scoring system of this business.

If the entire process sounds like just another preferable option for you, then it will be wiser for you to instead find a local financial or investment adviser who has extensive investment experience so they can help you with the business. This will certainly be a much easier entry for a beginner in Khaleej Times Forex market investing.

In dealing, both the essential research and specialized research play a big part. Fundamental research and specialized research are like the two sides of a coin. If you want to be successful in dealing, you need to deal with both essential research and specialized research. Any currency trading application program covers the specialized research but they cannot manage essential research. So essential research has to be taken proper good care of by you and specialized research will be taken proper good care of by Khaleej Times Forex trading dealing platforms program.

There are many traders who missing their money in dealing by just using currency trading program application. A lot of research has been done, and it has been found that those traders who missing in dealing, even after using Khaleej Times Forex trading dealing platforms, missing because they never took proper good care of the essential research which is a must in dealing to create earnings.

I summarize that both essential research and specialized research play a very important role in dealing. If you really want to create your money double with currency dealing plan application, then it is a must that you need to do your essential research and need to find the right time to use currency trading application.

Nicu Lucanu is a finance researcher in Forex trading and he made a lot of investigation regarding this theme. Discover more information in his review site regarding Khaleej Times Forex. Providing quality reviews, articles and writings on forex online.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

How To Use A Forex Platform, Find A User-Friendly Platform

So after spending countless hours studying Forex investing, you've decided it's time to take the plunge, or in other words, start trading! But there's a problem... you just can't seem to figure out how to use a Forex platform. Online, there are an abundance of platforms available, but not all of them offer a beginner a comfortable place for trading. It can be quite frustrating just trying to find a Forex platform that works the best for you, let alone understanding how to use one. Finding a platform that is both user-friendly, and offers a free demo account will make a big difference in the way you look at trading. As a beginner, you have a unique problem... experience.

User-friendly Forex Platform

If you are new to trading, it can be very intimidating entering a platform for the first time. Many beginners will quit at this point because they simply can't figure out how to use the Forex platform. All of the technical charts and graphs that are there to help you may seem like a confusing myriad of lines and numbers. Nowadays, there are many platforms designed from a beginner's perspective that make things clear and easy to understand. On top of that, they provide many other helpful tools for those starting out, like: free Forex demo accounts, training videos, e-books, and articles. User-friendly Forex platforms focus on the trader's experience rather than overwhelming them with data (that may be more useful once you are a seasoned trader), that may not be necessary when you are just starting out. A good platform that caters to beginners will also offer a clear presentation of data with simultaneous access to charts, and friendly customer support that is available at all times.

Free Forex Demo Accounts

What's the best way to figure out how to use a Forex platform? Start using one! It may sound a little scary to just jump right in, but it doesn't have to be. Many platforms offer a way to practice trading at no cost to you, and zero the risk. These practice accounts offer hands- on learning and training under real time market conditions-they are called free Forex demo accounts. If you make a loss in a virtual trade, it's okay in the end, but the goal is to learn from your mistakes. Using a user-friendly Forex platform, that has a free demo account, will also help you get a feel for a particular platform so you can find out if it's right for you. Practice makes perfect!

If you're just starting out in Forex trading, but are having a difficult time trying to figure out how to use a platform, look for one that offers tools for beginners, and has an interface that's easy to understand. If the platform is simple to use, and you are able to practice without the risk, you will feel more comfortable, and hopefully become a more confident trader soon. Remember to look for a platform that offers a free Forex demo account, and is also user- friendly. These tools combined can help you become better acquainted with the Forex, so it isn't such a frightening place.

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Advice On Improving Your Forex Trading Skills

One of the things that you can do in order to make good money in the foreign exchange market is to implement a proven plan, one you will follow no matter what. Avoid risky strategies. Consistency is something that can help you make money in the long run. It is the safest way to make a decent amount of money.

Forex is very unique in that it is one of the few international exchanges in existence. It is open twenty four hours a day and you are competing against people from all over the world, many which may have higher intelligence and experience than you at the game. Make sure you are completely comfortable with how things work before you "step into the ring" as it can be a financial downfall for you if you aren't prepared.

Don't ever be afraid to pull out of a winning trade in FOREX, if you feel that something indicates a market is about to decline. Even if the market does top out higher than you expected - you haven't lost anything - you just gained slightly less than you might have otherwise. You only lose if the market goes into decline and you can't get out in time.

Forex, though open 24/7, has good times and bad times to trade. You may make the common mistake of believing that because it is open all the time that trading is a good idea all the time. This is simply not the case. The best times to trade are midweek.

You should put aside money regularly to trade in the Forex market. You should not trade Forex if you can't pay your bills or put food on the table. Decide what you can afford on a monthly basis and set that money aside. The more stable your entire financial situation is the more calmly you will trade.

Use stops strategically. You can minimize your losses and maximize your earnings by placing stops at the right positions. The last thing you want to do, is let a losing trade spiral out of control or fail to take the profits from a good trade before the market trend reverses.

Keep a very detailed journal about what you have done on the market. It will help you learn your tendencies so you can better understand what your weaknesses are and how to avoid loss. You will benefit by maximizing your strengths in a more efficient manner which will in turn make you more money.

Forex Website

You don't need to purchase anything to demo a Forex account. You can just go to the Forex website and look for an account there.

Now that you know a few pointers on Forex, you can either get your feet wet or get back into the game armed with new knowledge. Apply what you have read in this article and you are sure to be making better trades and exchanges, in no time at all.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

FX Edge Hybrid Review, Get the FX Edge Hybrid System Download

To give a little bit of history for those who don't know, Forex trading had started in 1875 when the gold standard monetary system appeared. It all began when each country in the world started equating an oz of gold to a certain amount of its currency, and this led to the creation of the initial standardized currency exchange.

Today, it seems that Forex trading is still functioning and in fact, it's considered the most influential and powerful type of trading market in the world financial industry. Basically, people will purchase different currencies with a different currency than the one being purchased (for instance British pounds with US dollars).


What's great about Forex trading is that people can engage in it from anywhere in the world and that is why many people out there have started using computerized programs that aid them with their trading, an example of them being the newly released FX Edge Hybrid. Trading goes on twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week as compared to stocks or commodities trading, and there are much fewer variables. Plenty of companies and people use the forex trading market and the most typical users are the big financial institutions, the banks, travelers, tourists, currency speculators, international corporations and governments.

Currencies traded

By using FX Edge Hybrid, people will be able to trade with any type of currency they want, regardless if it's the US Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and so on. So what does this program do actually? FX Edge Hybrid will practically help people gauge the best time for them to enter and then exit a market. Human intervention is, in most cases, going to cause errors (bad transactions) which won't be easy to fix, and this software eliminates human intervention as much as possible and thus offers increased chances of making above-average profits.

There are a couple of secret methods that this software uses and they will generally come in the form of tips, tips which if individuals follow properly, will be able to boost the chances of successful transactions to increase their earning ability.

To name some of these tips, they focus on how people can start with relatively small investments and then analyze the market trends in order to acknowledge the signals that will let them know more about how the trends change, as well as what steps they have to take to be successful with their trading.

Careful usage

It's also important to mention that people will need to be very careful on how they use FX Edge Hybrid, because there have been several cases in which individuals have gotten greedy and eventually lost a lot of money. This of course has an overall impact on the entire forex market and if someone experiences several losses, that person should stop trading until he or she finds a better strategy that reaps in profits.

Trading has never been easier and using FX Edge Hybrid, the newest forex trading tool out there, beta testers have been able to profit by following a veteran hedge fund trader's advice. It will come with patience and some work on their part though, so don't think that this is a get rich quick scheme!

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Experts Suggest That Regulating Binary Options Trading Has Become Inevitable!

Trading today, is not restricted to the old methodologies, which only provided the opportunity to import and export commodities. As the new trends in trading are generating quickly, binary options is yet another wonderful trading method that has gained rapid popularity among the traders' circuit. You just got to prove your intelligence by predicting the price of various assets or commodities, and earn huge payouts upon correct prediction. As more and more traders are entering into the field of binary trade, many countries have felt that it is high time for the proposal of binary option regulations.

Why Are Binary Options Regulations Inevitable?

The popularity achieved by binary business has amazed the trading experts. This has evoked concerns regarding the frauds that might occur in an industry, and would result in complete collapse of it. Most binary scams occur due to fake binary options brokers. Experts suggest that the binary options regulations would provide security to the traders, and go a long way in earning profit to the industry. A number of other experts believe that the binary regulations would also boost the sales for the binary options brokers all in all.

The Need To Regulate The Financial Market

Binary trade also takes place rigorously in the financial markets such as the stock. The traders, who trade binary options in stock exchange, do not require help of professional binary brokers, and what they desire are proper binary regulations that guarantee the transparency of the market. In the United States of America, the Securities and Exchange Commission strictly monitors that the binary brokers, as well as all exchanges, strictly adhere to the security laws. It is believed that very soon the regulatory bodies would provide the institutions with an authoritative stamp needed to secure customers and their valued investments.

Significance Of Strictly Monitoring The Online Sites By Providing Them License

It is a matter of extreme importance to license the binary trading platforms. A number of countries are endeavoring to educate the traders to trade only on the licensed site that abides by the binary regulations. This will certainly reduce the risk of potential frauds and also benefit the government of any country. With the reduced risks of potential frauds, the taxes that are gained via binary trading can also be funneled to the country's bank of financial resources. As the binary trading regulations have already been implemented in many nations, other countries are still designing them to control the frauds.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to Trade Forex? 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Trading Forex

The Foreign Exchange market also referred to as fx market or the forex market is a fast-paced and exciting trading market. The forex is continuously trading throughout the day somewhere in the world; hence it is the world's most traded market. Learning forex trading is a high stakes and captivating market where both incredible profits and uncontrollable losses can be yielded.

Every day, more 300 billion dollars are exchanged between traders and brokers involved in foreign currency trading. The opportunities that are available for those who want to learn the system are quite easy to understand. Although everyone does not succeed at trading in the forex, but the learning experience of training and comprehending the currency market can prove to be beneficial.

Before getting started with forex trading, it is important to train properly, understand the global economy and practice trading with a practice account.

1. Forex Training

The dynamic climate of the Foreign Exchange market is rather fast-paced and the key to succeed is proper training. Understanding forex charts, currency patterns, developing forex courses, a forex trading system, forex forums and more is included in training. Newcomers should spend at least 6 months to 1 year in order to learn their own training system before they invest a dime.

2. Forex Course

No doubt, there are endless training opportunities, and it is important to be cautious when approaching them. Countless forex trading systems are available these days and the creators who are sharing them for a fee are certain that their system works effectively. The right forex trading course can be selected after looking at a few forex trading websites and before spending on a forex course, it is best to learn the basics for free. Many websites also offer free forex courses.

3. Forex Pip

When it comes to selecting an online forex broker, it is necessary to understand the pip of currency pairs and the spread in forex. Traders who will be trading very soon, it is imperative that they view forex real-time quotes. There is considerable competition in the online foreign exchange marketplace. Thus, before signing up, it is important to research multiple brokers and trading platforms.

4. Online Trading

When trading forex, the trading process takes place online in the style of trading. Once a system is developed, and stop losses are put into place, charting should be understood and time should be devoted to training. This is the best way to develop strong foundation that can be effectively implemented when trading forex.

5. Forex Platforms

The trading platform that is used to execute trades in the foreign exchange market is known as a forex platform. All forex trading companies have their own trading platform. While different trading platforms basically operate in the same way, but in order to carry out the process comfortably, a trader must learn each system.

Trading forex might not be as easy as it might seem but with proper training and by keeping these above things in mind, traders can manage to trade forex without any hassle. Providing quality reviews, articles and writings on forex online.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Day Trading Strategies for the Beginners

If you are a beginner for day trading, we will discuss here the Forex day trading strategies for you. When people heard of "day trading," they think it is the act of selling or buying a stock in a given day. A day trader may seek to create profits by having a large amount of leverage in a capital in order to have an advantage in price movements that are small in indexes or highly liquid stocks. We will look here the common strategies of daytime trading that may be used by a retail trader or beginner. Your early strategy is that you have to know that certain stocks are very ideal trading candidates. A typical type of day trader may look up for two things found in a stock that are the volatility and liquidity.

Volatility is just a measure of the daily price range that is already expected- the range operated by a day trader. More volatility will also mean greater loss or profit. On the other hand, liquidity allows a trader to join or exit a stock using a good price like low slippage or tight spreads. When you already know the kinds of stocks you want, you have to learn in identifying possible entry points. You can use the intraday candlestick chart tool that uses candles to provide raw price action analysis. There is also a level two quotes that looks for orders that are happening. Real-time news service tool can tell you whenever any news will be out as news can move stocks.

Another strategy of trading during daytime is finding or identifying a target. This strategy depends largely on the trading style you are using. You can also use scalping strategy that involves immediate selling whenever a trade will become profitable. There is also a fading type of strategy which is risky that involves stocks shorting right after a rapid moves upward. Another is daily pivot strategy involving stock's daily volatility profiting attempting to sell during the high of the given day and buying during the low of a day.

A strategy that makes trading on strong trending moves or news releases is called momentum strategy. You can observe that even the entries of the strategies of day type of trading rely on the tools that are used in traditional or normal trading, their exits is where you can find the differences. All in all, remember that this type of trading can be a difficult skill to be mastered.

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Forex Profit Model Reviews, Forex Profit Model System Download

A team of Forex Professional traders have presented a Forex Profit Model for general Forex traders on the basis of proven tactics and strategies of Forex Trading to provide them a solid platform in this profession.

Josh Schultz and his team have provided lessons in the form of academic program known as Forex Profit Model to give an academic knowledge about the theory of the trade and explained these ideas through examples and experiments to help members understand the concept perfectly. The mentors of this model take it for granted that every trader has a different mentality so they have based the educational experiences on the psychology of individual traders, and designed the Forex trading concept with the rules of money management. Josh Schultz, a real trader, has collaborated with Old Tree Publishing to present a quality product as Forex Profit Model by using their expertise in this field.

Lessons offered by Schultz's Forex Profit Model
Forex Profit Model has facilitated traders with lifetime access to the members' area of the model to get updated with latest information and materials, online seminars, videos and many more. Traders are guided to assess the main technical regions to know how to enter and leave the trade strategies successfully. They are guided to identify the successful techniques and their long term as well as short term use. They are ensured to earn while they learn through the Grey Box technique.They are enabled to contribute for one full year in the course and lab of Forex trading while formulating various trading ideas based on their own preferences.They are told how to make profit in Forex trade through automated trading algorithms without doing actual trading. After introducing members to various Forex products and strategies, traders are made to learn the new means to make money.

Josh Schultz has empowered Forex Profit Model with the capability to scrutinize and identify the market rates to make profits. It guides the traders to stop trading for a while as the market rates start dipping till the market rises up and enables traders to control their own account. Membership sites usually provide indicators to the traders to guide them to trade, but as a trader, you will have to use your own judgment to make effective decisions of either to wait for further signals or follow the indicators of the site.

Schultz has provided various customized indicators in Forex Profit Model which are user-friendly for every Forex trader to benefit from, regardless of their current experience levels. These indicators are the most exclusive and effective tools for the FX traders that they can use in making money through trading as they make it easy for to train the eyes to look out for opportunities.

So, as per the reviews of the experts in Forex trading, one should go through, at least once, the techniques and indicators provided in Josh Schultz's Forex Profit Model if he is interested in making money through Forex trading. If you are interested in learning how to profit from the Forex market but have limited experience, you will want to check out Josh's system.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Why Forex Traders Often Switch To Third Party Signal Providers

New people enter the forex trading industry every single day, often as individual traders who attempt to generate profits all by themselves. The trouble is that even highly experienced traders often find it difficult to turn a profit, so the novice trader has very little chance of making money in the long run.

There are always some exceptions. I know several traders in the UK who earn either a full-time or a part-time income from trading the currency markets. However as forex firms can themselves testify, the majority of traders end up losing money in the end.

It is for this very reason that more and more people are giving control of their money to other more experienced traders, in the hope that they will make a better fist of it than they can. This sounds like a risky strategy but right now in 2012 it can be a viable way to generate consistent returns if you know what you are doing.

Unless you have the privilege of knowing a profitable trader yourself, you can go down this path by making use of third party signal providers. These come in a few different forms.

There are the old fashioned providers who operate on a subscription basis. In other words you pay a monthly fee, and in return they will send you signals to open and close positions (hopefully for a profit) in real time. The drawback is that you still have to actually place the trades yourself, which can be quite an inconvenience if you are in full-time employment.

The other option is to hand over complete control to another trader (or group of traders) and let them enter and exit positions on your behalf based on their own signals. Many people are choosing this option right now because there are now some very good websites that have made all this possible.

They work by bringing together signal providers and signal subscribers, and both groups of people (along with the host website) have the potential to make some excellent returns.

It all depends on the ability of the signal providers of course, but if you manage to choose the right ones after doing lots of research, there is no reason why you cannot make long term profits from third party forex traders.

It is certainly a lot easier to do your research based on past results and pick out the genuinely profitable traders who generate solid returns without taking adverse risks, than it is to try and make money using your own strategies. Many people try doing this but ultimately fail, which is why third party signal providers are only going to become more and more popular in the coming years.

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Friday, 7 September 2012

How to Make Consistent Profits in the Forex Market

A lot of beginners will look for more short-term profits in the Forex market, but after you build up some Forex trading experience you will realize that short-term profits don't really mean anything; it is the profits in the long run that you should look forward to and aim to gain.

Forex traders shouldn't see the market for currencies as a way to get rich quickly; they should take a professional approach to Forex trading and aim to make consistent profits. The problem is that Forex traders are just like any other people and they can get greedy. This is why the psychology of Forex trading is also important and you should understand the impact that your emotions can truly have on your trading behaviors, if you want to be a consistently profitable Forex trader.

Firstly, you should understand that very modest but consistent profits are a lot better than huge, short-term profits. Yes, big profits are lovely to have, but they don't always last. You should never get greedy; you should aim to build up your Forex trading account up gradually one step at a time. It might take you a year to start profiting consistently, but however long it takes you, you should always try to take your Forex trading career one step at a time; there is no logic in greed as greed will only increase the likelihood of you blowing your whole account away, which can be a huge waste of not only your money but your time as well.

Making consistent profits in Forex trading is easy; find what works and repeat. If you want to make consistent Forex trading profits, you need to work out a system that allows you to make profits overall and then continue with that system, scaling it up gradually and stopping once the system ceases to work effectively. When a system starts to lose its effectiveness, you simply move onto another system that works. It is likely that you will have to change your system too and probably quite often, depending on your Forex trading strategy though of course, due to the fact that the Forex market and its conditions are always changing. The bottom line is though, if you want to make consistent profits in the currency markets, you need to find something that works for you and repeat (whilst maintaining good money management, because without introducing good money management techniques into your trading you will most likely fail in the long run).

In conclusion, there is no single way of making consistent profits in the Forex market; you just have to find what works and repeat, whilst maintaining good money management. Remember that the market for currencies does change frequently, so remember to always have a demo account available by your side so you can do some risk-free experimentation on the side of your live account, so that you can prepare yourself for any changes. Consistent profits aren't actually particularly difficult to make, it is just profits in general that are difficult to acquire. Once you have devised a system that works, all you need to do is to take some care and ensure that you are consistent with your trading behaviors. Too many Forex traders get greedy, typically newbies who make some good short-term profits, but greed as already mentioned usually leads to failure in the long run.

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Dangers of Forex Trading

It is a true fact that Forex trading can be extremely dangerous, if you don't go about it professionally. If you are too amateurish with your trading and place orders randomly without much care, you won't be putting yourself in a very safe position. The risks can however be controlled though, so it really doesn't have to be dangerous. Of course there will always be a possibility of losing out still, but everyone would be rich if that wasn't the case.

The problem is, that many beginners enter the market for currencies without any knowledge at all. They then proceed to place their first orders without even opening and trying out a demo account. They then get surprised and angry when they take some losses and lose their money, before complaining and deciding that investing is just not for them. Some will even tell other people that Forex trading is just a scam and every Forex broker is just out there for your money.

It is possible to take losses and some Forex brokers do scam their clients, but you will only take losses if you don't make any effort to succeed and go to a poor broker. If you are looking to minimize the dangers of Forex trading, all you have to do is study and put some time in to practice your knowledge; whether you to decide to practice with a demo or a live trading account is totally up to you, but demo accounts are highly recommended since you don't have to risk any money of your own, which is ideal if you are just starting out and aren't too sure of yourself as a Forex trader.

There are some other Forex-related dangers too for beginners who are just starting out, which don't actually involve the markets themselves. There are many scammers and frauds out there today, mostly on the internet, who try and target beginner Forex traders in order to try and sell them poor products and services for lots of money. If you are interested in Forex trading, you should never buy into anything that you aren't completely sure about. There are some genuinely good Forex-related products and services out there in all fairness, but as a beginner you just don't need any of them. The best thing you can do as a Forex trader who is just starting out, is get your head down, study and practice. It might sound boring, but nothing is free in this world and hard work pays off; Forex trading can be very rewarding, so it will be worth your time if you choose to persevere with it.

In conclusion, there are some obvious dangers in Forex trading, but as long as you take a professional approach to Forex trading, you should have nothing to worry about. Forex trading is arguably less dangerous than other investment opportunities like stock trading. If you can stay professional, keep your wits about you and work hard, you will stand a great chance of succeeding and making a lot of money in the Forex market. Don't spend lots of time worrying about losses and picturing worst case scenarios; use your time wisely and stay productive, because you will stand much more of a chance of succeeding this way.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What Does Online Forex Trading Mean?

When you are curious about what is online Forex trading, you have to know that it is just the same as traditional trading of Forex but it is done online. Forex trading, in general, is an act of trading currencies of many different countries. When we say Forex, it is only an acronym for Foreign Exchange. This type of trading is usually done through a market maker or a broker. If you are a Forex trader, you will have the chance to choose the currency pair which you expect to gain value change and you can accordingly place your trade. In Europe, the circulation of currency is called the EUR or Euro while in the United States their circulation of currency is the USD or US Dollar. How does it work?

Example, if you purchased one thousand Euros in January last year, it should have cost you about one thousand two hundred US dollars. Throughout last year, the value of Euro versus US dollars has increased. Therefore, at the end of last year your one thousand Euros was worth about one thousand three hundred US dollars already. If ever you have chosen to end the trade you made on that point, you should have an increase of about one hundred dollars.

Forex trades can also be placed by a market maker or a broker. With only a few clicks, the orders can be put and the broker will then pass the order together with a partner on the interbank market so your position will be filled. When you are going to close the trade you made, the broker will also close the interbank market position and will credit your account with the gain or loss. It can all literally happen in only less than a minute or a few seconds.

Making your trade in Forex is just a simple process; you should also take note that it is something that must be done cautiously. Foreign exchange trading is about managing emotions and risk. If you are entering into Forex business of trading and you are feeling nervous, emotional, or anxious, you need to have a look on what you are doing. Many of the traders that have known issues with their nerves did all either waste their money, trading with much amount of leverage, or even both. You must take a look at some basics of risk management of trading in foreign exchange and start making things like reducing the leverage you make and setting a reasonable stop in the process.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Importance Of Forex Forecasting And Forecasting Long Term Prices

Forex trading is one of the most difficult things to do. Trading itself is not hard, but the real issue is the risk that is involved in trading. The risk involved in trading primarily originates from the unpredictable price movements. Forex market keeps on moving and it never stops for a single moment. Prices change and market moves from one point to another. Price movements can either be instant or there can be a gradual shift from one point to another. And these price forecasting never come without risk.

The way to trade successfully is to predict and forecast price movements in advance and then prepare yourself for those movements in advance. Price forecasting is very important for several reasons. How could you invest in a currency about which you have no idea how it will act in next couple of hours? It is never advisable to trade in a currency pair without future prediction of prices.

Those who join forex market and do not use any forex tool, chart or analysis and keep on trading, it is possible that they win a few trades and make some money without forecasting future price, but in the long-run, they cannot survive. It is not necessary that price will move in the same direction what you are thinking. Hence, forecasting future prices is very important from this point of view. It is advised to use all possible price forecasting tools before investing in a currency. And you will only do that if you realize and know the actual importance of predicting price movements.

Importance Of Prediction In Forex Trading

- It is not possible to trade without knowledge of the market and currency. As mentioned, there are chances that you might win the trade, but it will not happen all the times.

- Trades based on forecasts are safe and secure. If you know that the price of a particular pair will move down, you can plan to tackle with such a change in advance.

- Risk is significantly reduced if you properly plan, forecast and predict future price movements. Price forecasting helps you in judging future price movements, so you can plan accordingly.

- If you do not predict prices in advance, and do trading without ample knowledge, you can never become a good trader. You will never learn anything from trading no matter how many years you spent in the market.

- If you have the knowledge about market, everything will become easy for you. You will love trading when everything will move as expected. Otherwise, trading will give you a hard time.

- Proper forecasting can help you in saving a lot of your capital. This is because when you will predict prices and plan in advance, you will win most of your trades. This way, you can save a lot of your hard earned money.

Predicting and forecasting is not hard. There are hundreds of tools that you can use to predict price movements. These include forex indicators, technical charts, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, signals, market trends and much more. You can find all these tools and charts with your broker, and it is strongly recommended to use all of tools to make trading easy for you.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Dear Investor, Are You Trend-Following Material?

Yes, We Can't! Or Can We?

Just like there's a major difference between theory & practice, reading trading books & trading the markets are hardly the same thing. Otherwise, just reading a good investment book would instantly put a load of money in our pockets.

Similarly - there's a big difference between who we want to be & who we really are, otherwise we'd be living in a much better world.

Just like the market discounts everything, in trading who we are discounts who we want to be.

The markets are not an environment for guesswork.

You can't predict the market, and you can't control it.

But you can control yourself, and to a large extent, by knowing how you function you can predict your actions quite accurately. Moreover, no one else can do this better for you than yourself. This is an edge for you, the trader.

So let's get personal. Starting from a few facts about who you are, let's try to determine your basic psychological profile & whether trend trading is really for you or you should be a knife-catcher instead;)

Patient vs. Fast & Jumpy

Are you a patient fellow? Everyone talks about "respecting your trading plan" & "being disciplined" in your trading & indeed, patience is one essential individual quality associated with discipline in trading. While patience is required for BOTH approaches, it is much more important in trend-trading, due to the necessity to stay longer in the market following the trend, cut your losses short & keep your profits running.

Got itchy fingers?:) When you are trading counter-trend, you have less time to react & enter a trade (if you are slow, you miss the train). Trend-trading requires less speed of reaction, since a trend you're planning to "ride" is not something that disappears from one minute to the next, while opportunities against the trend are by nature less in number & more limited in time.

Rational & Organized vs. Emotional & Erratic

Are you a reason-driven person? Against common belief, there's more pressure on a trend trader than on a counter-trend trader. Think how many times you closed a trade too early, and you will immediately understand why. Being able to understand all elements of the trading plan & act on them in a lucid, coherent way will help you in following the discipline of the trend. Trend-following trades need to work like surgeons, cutting their way through the trend at precise moments.

Do you allow Emotions to take over? When trading against the trend, you will usually go for SHORTER trades (compared to the length of the trend). There will be less time to crack under pressure, and knowing your trade will soon be either in profit or closed for a loss should keep you from interfering with it (thus increasing the chance of respecting your trading plan). if you know yourself to make emotional decisions at times when reason should prevail (when trading, that's always!) then you may want to seriously consider counter-trend trading, as trend-following action may not be your cup of tea.

Risk Taker vs. Safety Freak

Do You Enjoy a Good Thrill? Human nature drives us towards safety (closing realized profits, even small) and away from the unknown (unrealized profits, on the table, at risk), even if we do have a trading plan and the desire to follow it. Most traders I interacted to (up to 95%, give or take) have at least for some time in their trading career cut their trades too early thus losing good potential profits in equity. As a trend trader, you will need to beat this obsession with safety, and allow your trades to be exposed to controlled risk (since you have the advantage of probability on your side). You will need to by psychologically strong enough to take a risk without blinking (controlled & calculated risk, of course - according to your rational & organized personality), as breaking the dynamic of the trend can kill your strategy in the long run.

Not Comfortable in Risky Situations? Trend trading is increasing the odds of closing trades too early, while counter-trend strikes are less psychologically burdening. Besides, stop losses can be moved to break even much faster when being in a "right or wrong" scenario (thus putting the trader's mind at ease faster about having to take a loss), while when riding a trend stop loss placement can be problematic due to the large stops associated to high probability trading (trend trading has in general higher probability of success, although it may not always have equally good risk/reward). So, if you're not the kind of guy who enjoys living on the edge, counter-trend trading may be your thing.

Conservative vs. Aggressive

Not the Adventurous Type? if you don't mind walking the beaten path (which is also safer, clearer & more predictable!), then you are probably more of a trend-trader than a counter-trend trader. if you don't mind taking your pips in the middle of a trend - as long as it's very clear you are on the right direction - you're a trend lover at heart. If you like doing things the proven, "right" way, if you prefer a known "good" to an unknown "possibly better" & don't like being the first at a party, then the trend can indeed be a good friend to you.

Are you bold & daring? Some people like the trading adrenaline just as much as they like profits. That's OK, as long as they don't love it MORE than the profits & start trading for thrills instead of cash. If you think that just jumping on a trend after it started & after it's been confirmed is just too boring for you, then forcing yourself to do just that will not help & may eventually bring you to acts of indiscipline. Stick to counter-trend trading & you will constantly experience the pleasure of being in a move before everybody else - the satisfaction of doing what you love can help you stay "in the zone" & enjoy your hours of trading.

Modest vs. Proud

Like Keeping a Low Profile? If you don't mind taking 3 losses for 1 win - if the win makes 4-5 times more than a loss - then you're definitely well-cut for trend trading. If you're not interested in proving yourself to yourself or anyone else & what matters is the overall equity curve, not having a large number of winners & being "wrong" will not matter & won't put unnecessary pressure on you. The trend will give you sustained rides, much larger than your initial risk, moves than can easily cover for 2, 3 or even 4 of your losses. Consistently scoring a 40% win rate on a 2:1 risk/reward strategy will make you very profitable in the long run, although you will be wrong more often than not.

You Enjoy Saying "I Told You So"? Some people just like being right & sticking it to others. While this is something every trader should constantly try to fight against (because the market is the only one right all the time!) it is nevertheless a feature of our personality that we should try to acknowledge & - why not? - even use as an edge if possible. A positive mindset (given by a high number of wins) can help you stay motivated as long as it doesn't turn into outright cockiness. If you know yourself to be proud & you often count the winners against the losers then you must look for a strategy with a high winning rate, even if the risk to reward may not be more than 1:1. It's likely a counter-trend system may give you just that, while a trend-following strategy could bring up feelings of frustration as you would tend to focus more on the negative side of things (wins vs. losses) instead of the positive (a profitable equity curve).


The markets are a challenging environment & trading is a highly sophisticated activity. We really don't need to add in our own personal weaknesses to make our job more difficult. We should all do our homework before we trade, learn about our strengths & weaknesses & come to the battlefield prepared & well-armed.

Ee need to understand & fully use ALL OUR EDGES to prevail on our competition. Other traders are NOT our enemies - the market is an objective, perfect entity, remember? We are our worst enemies, and our indiscipline is our enemies' leader. The market does not take our money, we give it away ourselves through our actions.

We are not perfect entities, and knowing ourselves, admitting our personal personality biases is CRUCIAL for improving our trading results (whether we are newbies or pros).

Carefully analyze your personality before creating your trading plan, and come up with something will work for you NATURALLY. Always think about WHO YOU ARE, not WHO YOU WANT TO BE! If you are into self-improvement (and you should be!), do that outside your trading hours. You may not be perfect, but while you are in front of your platform you should strive to become a perfect entity too: a machine that perfectly follows a pre-designed trading plan.

Some of you are fully "automated" traders (with or without robots), strictly following rules & only rules, leaving nothing to discretion or real-time subjective evaluation. That's great, because while you may be missing out on some action every now & then, you will be much less likely to be hit by a bad drawdown (usually created by indiscipline).

If on the other hand you are a DISCRETIONARY trader, you must carefully define the limits of your discretion. You don't want to be discretionary to the point of doing whatever you want whenever you want, overriding your entire trading plan. This approach can lead to nothing but failure. Again: discretionary or mechanical, trend-following or counter-trend trading - there's no right or wrong answer.. But when it comes to YOU, there is a better way to do things, that comes out of knowing yourself & giving the markets (as well as everything else) the best of who you are.

This is a personal re-writing of Mihai's recent webinar on trend-trading psychology. As I found it extremely interesting, I used an audio transcript of the session & Mihai's own notes to make it available to other traders. It's also my way of saying thank you to a great trader & teacher for the dedication & patience he put in my education & all the long messenger chats over the past 4 years:) For over 3 years I am successfully trading both trend-following & counter trend strategies & make a really good living as a trader & recently as a fund manager.

I can warmly recommend Mihai's educational program if you are looking for an A-Z training (it's not advertised, you'll have to contact him via his website). I loved it because the approach was very personalized & he followed-up closely with me after the training until he saw I was able to consistently make money. He still checks on my trades weekly. If you are an already established trader, I highly recommend the live trend-following system (his website offers Free Forex Signals Live with direction, levels & other tools, so you can check them risk-free). If you are looking for professional money management feel free to contact me directly. Providing quality reviews, articles and writings on forex online.