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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ways To Recognize A Bucket Shop Broker Posted By: Ownen Moore

By definition, a bucket shop broker is an illegal brokerage firm that accept trade orders by the customer but fails to execute them immediately when the orders have been accepted. This name is derived from the general practice of placing orders in a bucket rather than executing them immediately. Here, such Forex broker delays intentionally the immediate execution of trade orders after reception as intended by the customer. They do this for various reasons which are primarily fraud-oriented. There are many such brokers in the market that will accept the customer orders but hold them for sometimes before executing. Different methods are available which you can rely on to identify these fraud-oriented Forex brokers. Discussed below are some of the basic methods you can use to identify these Forex brokers.

Trade orders not executed immediately

By what the definition foretells bucket shop Forex brokers do not execute trade orders immediately. If your broker is not executing your trade orders immediately then chances are that you are using a bucket shop broker. They do this primarily to gain substantial market position before the order is executed. Such Forex broker simply holds a customer orders until a point where the trade would be advantageous to their firm. At this point, they can execute your order and gains substantial margin which they keep in form of profit.

Suspicious Transactions

You will realize that these Forex brokers have long history of fraudulent transactions. Majority of them use fake trade quotes. The trades they display are remotely not coinciding with what other brokers are providing and the market in general. Most of their transaction lacks conformity and appear altered. One thing eminent is that most traders using bucket shop broker is that they lose money regularly. This is due to the fraudulent nature of their transactions.

They Use Quotes Which Are Remote

One easiest way to identify a bucket shop broker is to compare the trade quotes they provide and those provided by other brokers in the market. Making this comparison of the quotes, you will realize there is not conformity at all. This happens because they use remote quotes most of which do not coincide with what other brokers in the market are providing. Similarly, their quotes do not show any conformity to the market situation. You can use different currency feeds provided by multiple to make this comparison. The currency feeds will help you check if their quotes are consistent at any given time frame. Even if lots of traders are following one side of the trader, these brokers decide to provide quotes which are higher or lower than the expected.

Trade Fantasies

Trading fantasies is a general characteristic of illegal Forex brokerage firms. They make big promises that are beyond your imagination. It is not rare to find brokers that uses ads with enticing lines such as "Easy free money from Forex!", Make $5,000 a day sitting at home! etc. Most bucket shop brokers have this general characteristic. Therefore you can use these and any similar ad lines to identify them. What they promise is unrealistic and is usually ended with an exclamation mark. Why? To get you on the drift move. A genuine and good Forex broker does not need to entice you with fantasies.

Negative Expectancies Trades

One thing very common with these Forex brokers is that they trade on negative expectancies. A bucket shop broker is designed to use negative expectancies to trade against its clients. How possible can they trade against their own clients? These brokers serve as market makers and usually take the side of the trades that will be against their clients. They have mustered the statistics that reveals a good proportion of traders hold negative expectancies. Keeping this in mind, these brokers look for ways to trade against the losing crowd and thus become profitable at the end. They understands the market very well and what the expectations that traders hold. The tendency to trade on negative expectancies can explains why their primary targets are newbies in the Forex market.

No Proper Regulation

These Forex brokers are not regulated and that is not a secret. Quite often, you will find it hard to verify their regulation status or which regulatory authority does that. It is rare for a broker which is regulated to engage in fraudulent activities like these ones. Ensure that you only deal with regulated broker to be on the safe side.


The Forex market has a good number of bucket shop brokers. They truly exist even if you know a little about them. These are illegal Forex brokers that are characterized with fraudulent activities and deceptions to corn you the money. Take precaution against these Forex brokers and you will save yourself from losing money. The first thing to do is to ensure that your broker is regulated by the right regulatory authority.


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