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Monday, 5 December 2011

'How to Trade' in the Greatest Market on Earth to Scrape Millions

What is Forex?

The foreign exchange or "Forex" (also called the spot market) is the biggest market in the world with an average of $3 trillion traded every single day. That's roughly 100 times of the $25 billion of the NYSE and more than every single asset class collectively combined (i.e. more than the bond, stock, equity markets together!).

The Forex billionaire Participants

George Soros secured international notoriety when, in September of 1992, he run the risk of losing $10 billion on a single currency speculation when he shorted the British pound. He turned out to be right, and in a single day the trade generated a profit of $1 billion - in due course, it was presented that his profit on this transaction nearly made $2 billion. As a result, he is legendarily known as the "the man who broke the Bank of England".

Warren Buffett is actively involved in the Forex market trading and has been for many years, in the 3rd quarter of 2004, Buffett posted profits of $412 million from Forex.

Bill Gates may have been sticking to his acquaintance Warren Buffett's suggestions on how to trade his Forex investments..Bill Gates was 2006''s richest man.

How to trade in the Forex market

The essential notion to grasp in knowing how to trade Forex is that there are always two currencies in every pair, a BASE and a TERMS. The BASE is always the first currency in the pair and is always equal to 1. The second currency in the pair is the TERMS and this shows you how much currency you could get for 1 unit of the BASE currency. For example, if EUR/USD is trading at 1.4840, it means 1 Euro is worth 1.4840 US Dollars. When the exchange rate increases, the 'terms currency' is weakening against the base, and the base is obviously increasing against the terms. Currency trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of the other.

In Forex you can literally create millions for yourself, if you use correct qualified trading strategies. This marketplace has both the leverage and the accuracy to transform your trading career. Forex markets are completely liquid because there is a participation of banks and corporations, hence the enormous magnitude of the market. For this cause alone, Forex is the self-selected marketplace of preference of the Millionaire trader, due to its swiftness, efficiency, transparency and clarity of signal.

Here are the 3 key reasons why you should do it too:

1. You only Require a laptop, internet connection, some relatively inexpensive software and professional training to get going.
2. You can trade from nearly anyplace in the world at any time that suits you.
3. You can control the risk on any trade of your account balance and leverage the upside for fantastic profit potential.
4. You could begin trading with a small amount of $150.
5. And in the end to stress the significance that you need to Be trained how to trade first before you begin.
About the Author

Solomon is an entrepreneur, investor and trader. A blogger of Forex, penny stocks, commercial property, Gold and Silver.

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